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Murder She Wrote Solves More Crimes In Return To Cabot Cove

Would-be sleuths in search of a puzzle-heavy hidden object adventure game need look no further than Cabot Cove. If that name sounds familiar, it's because it was the fictional setting of classic television drama, Murder, She Wrote, as well as the newest video game in the series, Murder, She Wrote: Return to Cabot Cove. It's available now from Legacy Games.

My folks were really into Murder, She Wrote back in the day and, while I only ever sat through a handful of full episodes, that unforgettable theme song still runs through my mind from time to time. Said ditty, along with familiar faces from the television show, has made its triumphant return in the second Murder, She Wrote interactive game.

Murder, She Wrote: Return to Cabot Cove features three new mysteries for players to solve, taking on the role of amateur detective and writer Jessica Fletcher. There's also a special case available for exploration that will see players heading overseas to track down a killer.

“Incorporating elements well-loved by fans in the first installment, gameplay consists of searching for clues and picking up key items to use to get past obstacles and obtain new information,” said producer Kira Schlitt.

Return to Cabot Cove adds to the original game's hidden object and puzzle solving mechanics with some “light adventure elements,” including collecting and utilizing inventory items, chatting up various other characters and exploring the interconnected world through 25 scenes and puzzles.

Murder, She Wrote: Return to Cabot Cove is available now on the Legacy Games website for $6.95.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.