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More Details Revealed About That Time Patrick Swayze Was Supposed To Be In Zombieland
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Bill Murray's Zombieland Cameo Was Almost Very Different, Get The Details

Before Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were the toast of Hollywood thanks to their successful script for Deadpool they had successfully written other great action comedies. One of these was the hilarious Zombieland.

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Ronda Rousey Is Starring In A Road House Reboot, Pray For Her Future Victims

Trying to remake one of Patrick Swayze's most iconic roles for a cheap paycheck would only tarnish… oh, wait. What? You want to cast Ronda Rousey as Dalton? Oh Hell yeah, I’m all in!

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Dirty Dancing Parody Leads To Huge Lawsuit

The phrase “nobody puts Baby in a corner” has pretty much become common tongue. But the second you start using it in promotional/marketing material without the consent of Lionsgate, even if it alters a few lines, well, you’re in trouble. And the trouble just got huge for brokerage giant TD Ameritrade

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Why The NYPD Is Forcing Cops To Watch Road House

It seems that the NYPD, in light of the political powder keg of an incident which claimed the life of Eric Garner, are using a scene from the classic film, Road House as a training tool to teach officers more effective ways of dealing with irate people. Now, it seems some are scoffing at the idea that the NYPD could learn anything from the late Patrick Swayze’s stoic dispatcher of drunks.

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Watch This Adorable Little Kid Bust Out Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing Moves

Dirty Dancing was an iconic '80s movie set in the sizzling '60s, and yet it is a timeless romance. For proof, check out this incredible vid of a baby Swayze following the star's Johnny Castle moves with a sharp eye and fast foot! And as you well know: Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

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The Fast And Furious Guy Is Remaking Road House

We all know that two wrongs generally don’t make a right, and this next bit is definitely going to challenge the elasticity of that saying. MGM is taking the remake trend to extremes by offering up to the gods the cult action thriller Road House, arguably the most memorable example of a guy-friendly performance from Patrick Swayze. (I mean yeah, Red Dawn, but Road House!) The job has gone to Rob Cohen, arguably best known for bringing The Fast and the Furious into the world.

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Kirstie Alley Says She Had Affairs With John Travolta And Patrick Swayze

Actress and current Dancing With The Stars contestant Kirstie Alley is making the rounds to publicize her new memoir The Art Of Men, and given the title, it’s not exactly surprising her love life is generating the most headlines. Apparently, she snuck two affairs with A-list Hollywood actors under everyone’s noses. The first was with Patrick Swayze while the two worked on the miniseries North and South, and the second was with John Travolta on the set of Look Who’s Talking.

Nobody Puts Blu-Ray In A Corner: New Dirty Dancing Limited Edition Coming This May

Nineteen eighty-seven was a simpler time. A time when Patrick Swayze was still proudly rocking the mullet, but had not yet achieved the apex of his power (that'd be Road House). Jennifer Grey still had her old nose

Patrick Swayze Was Set To Cameo In Zombieland

The stars of Zombieland are clearly Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, but the film features a mystery actor in a very prominent cameo role. As reported by Shock Till You Drop, that role initially belonged to the late Patrick Swayze

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Encore Pays Tribute To Patrick Swayze This Saturday

In the wake of Patrick Swayze’s death, Encore is set to pay tribute to the actor by airing three classic movies this Saturday. Which three movies does the network have set aside to showcase Swayze’s acting talents? I’ll give you a hint. Hockey, surfing and surgery (not all at the same time).

Better With Swayze: 7 Movies That Needed More Patrick

Some people like mustard, others ketchup, still more barbeque sauce, the occasional fat guy might even go with mayonnaise, but I've always preferred the ruggedly tangy Swayze. Singing, dancing, beating the hell out of Roadhouse patrons

Patrick Swayze Dead At 57

It’s been coming for awhile now but I think we’ve all done our best not to think about it. Today though, Patrick Swayze lost his nearly two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. He’s dead at 57

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Dirty Dancing Remake Will Make Dancing Dirty Again

Some movies are sacred. Dirty Dancing isn’t one of them. While I’ll be the first to admit that it was a big part of my childhood (thanks, mom), I’d never put in a glass case with a sign that reads “DO NOT TOUCH.”

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Swayze Cable Series Greenlit For 13 Episodes

It looks like things are still a go for the new A&E series, The Beast. Information about the series was reported last fall but a few months later Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It looks as though A&E’s not giving up on him though because they just gave The Beast a series pickup.

Weekly Blend #129 - And Sometimes Tim

Tim rejoins the show for the first time in quite a while. The three of us take a look at Martin Lawrence's latest, express our concern for Patrick Swayze, debate the merits of Michael Clayton, discuss the popular "I'm effing Matt Damon/Ben Affleck" videos, and even find time for Margaret to impersonate half the cast of Seinfeld. Now if we only had video so you could see how much fun we're having.

Show 129: And Sometimes Tim

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