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Nomadland: 11 Movies And Documentaries To Stream Or Rent After Watching The Frances McDormand Drama

Finished Nomadland and want more of what you saw? Check out these movies and documentaries.

Parents Are Having Their Heyday Over Caillou Being Cancelled On PBS After 20 Years

Not a lot of "R.I.P." messages from parents and non-fans of PBS' Caillou after its cancellation news broke.

2020 Christmas Movie TV Schedule: Where To Watch All The Holiday Movies And TV Specials In December
Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted And 10 Other Travel Shows To Stream While Staying Home For The Holidays

Here's your passport to the world if even if you are sheltering in place this holiday season.

How To Watch The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving And Christmas Specials During The 2020 Holidays

The classic Charlie Brown tradition is about to become a lot easier to catch!

2021 Winter And Spring TV Premiere Schedule: List Of New And Returning Shows

Here is everything coming to a television set near you...

Why Sanditon Needs To Be Renewed By Amazon For One More Season
12 Shows You Should Stream If You Like Outlander

If you like Outlander, you'll most likely enjoy these 12 shows.

Watch An Antiques Roadshow Guest Hilariously Fall Over After Hearing How Much His Watch Is Worth
One Thing The Downton Abbey Cast Kept Doing That Wasn’t Historically Accurate
Movie News
Why Alabama Refused To Air Same Sex Wedding Episode Of PBS Kids' Arthur

The popular PBS series Arthur has inspired many Internet memes, and it's now inspired something of a TV controversy.

When The Big 2017-2018 TV Season Finales Are Airing

Summer hiatus is never fun, but it's almost here, and we know that every TV lover worth the batteries in their remote control needs to keep track of when all the major shows will be shuffling off the air for a bit. We have for you now the season finale dates and times of every show on network TV, as well as those for all the big, buzzed about series on streaming and cable TV!

Why Martin Freeman Is Happy Sherlock Is Taking A Break

Sherlock's Watson shared why he's alright with the show taking a break.

PBS' Little Women Has Its First Whimsical Trailer, Watch It Now

The first look at the television adaptation of Little Women is here, and it looks pretty amazing.

PBS Has Picked Charlie Rose's Late Night Replacement

PBS has chosen someone to fill in Charlie Rose's spot in the late night schedule.

Charlie Rose Fired By CBS News And PBS Due To Harassment Allegations

Charlie Rose is the latest high-profile person to face allegations of harassment, and he is already facing major professional consequences. Here's what happened.

The Cord Cutter Podcast #21: Stranger Things Season 2

Welcome to the 21st edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! If you're anything like us, you've spent the last few days binging the hell out of Stranger Things Season 2, and now we're very excited because we can finally talk about it!

Watch Larry David And Bernie Sanders Find Out They're Actually Related

Turns out the resemblance between these two is more than uncanny.

Little Women Is Heading To TV Exactly Where We'd Want It To

Louisa May Alcott's Little Women is coming to the small screen, and it will have a home on the perfect platform.

Mercy Street Cancelled, PBS' Foray Into Scripted TV Will Not Return For Season 3

While PBS is often a great network to go to for drama, the television channel frequently imports its programming from networks in the U.K. and elsewhere for first-run U.S. viewership. Until recently. Looks like that is changing again though.

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