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Celebrate Pride Month On Streaming: What To Watch Throughout June 2021

Here are a few of the best movies, TV shows, and documentaries to watch as you celebrate Pride Month 2021.

19 Denzel Washington Movies To Watch Streaming Right Now

Denzel Washington: the man, the myth, the legend.

13 Great Tom Hanks Movies Streaming Or Available To Rent

Tom Hanks is everywhere and this is where you can watch him.

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 And 12 Other Great Courtroom Dramas To Rent Or Watch Streaming
Rocketman And 12 LGBTQ Movies To Stream During Pride Month

Here are some movies you can stream during Pride Month, including Rocketman.

The Best Movies On Netflix Right Now - August 2020

There are just too many great movies on Netflix.

The 10 Saddest Movies On Netflix, Ranked

Time for some Netflix and cry.

The 10 Best Tom Hanks Movies, Ranked

Tom Hanks has had so many iconic roles, but which one gets our vote as the best Tom Hanks movies?

The 10 Most Iconic Denzel Washington Movies, Ranked

The best Denzel Washington movies are the ones that bring out that smoldering inner fire that Washington controls so well as an actor, and shows again and again why is one of the most iconic leading men in Hollywood and has been for more than 30 years.

6 Tom Hanks Movies That Feel Like True Stories, But Aren't

Tom Hanks plays real life people in films an awful lot of the time. He does it so often, that quite often we've found ourselves assuming that the movie we were watching was based on a true story.

10 Great Movies To Watch Before Netflix Gets Rid Of Them On April 1

The clock is ticking yet again, folks. As we get towards the end of the month, that means that Netflix’s rights to certain films are about to expire, and that means it’s time for a serious crunch session. But which are the titles that you should be watching before they head off the streaming service? That’s what we’re here to tell you!

Sarah Jessica Parker Heads To Philadelphia For True Crime Drama Busted

Though Sarah Jessica Parker's guest spots on Fox’s Glee well well-appreciated, her fans have been waiting over a decade for the Sex and the City actress to return to TV in full form. (Or even to get some kind of a SATC-free movie career going.) Worry no more, for Parker is relocating to Philadelphia for the series Busted.

Watch This Hilarious Montage Of Mean-Spirited Comments On CBS News In Philly

Barring some outrageous personal life scandal, there are typically only two reasons local news anchors and reporters make the national news: either the network decides to broadcast the local feed across the country during the immediate aftermath of a tragedy before it can get its big guns up to speed or a hilarious on-air gaffe involving foul language, nudity or bickering went viral. The following montage is an example of the latter case.

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