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James Bond Odds: Regé-Jean Page Has Been Knocked Off The Top Of The 007 Heap By An Old Favorite

Sorry dear readers, but Bridgerton veteran Regé-Jean Page has been knocked down in the James Bond betting odds. And by a familiar foe at that.

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Wait, Will Regé-Jean Page's Duke Of Hastings Actually Appear In Bridgerton Season 2 On Netflix?

Could the Duke of Hastings actually appear in the second season of Netflix's Bridgerton?

Dungeons And Dragons: 8 Quick Things We Know About The Chris Pine Movie

Here's what we know about John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein's Dungeons & Dragons, starring Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez.

How Regé-Jean Page Feels About All Those Internet James Bond Rumors

Regé-Jean Page addresses the James Bond rumors that have been swirling around him.

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Rumored James Bond Frontrunners Include Henry Cavill, Regé-Jean Page And One Actor I Frankly Did Not See Coming

As if the field of potential James Bond contenders wasn't crowded enough, another name has entered the race alongside

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Bond Odds Update: Bridgerton Star Still A Favorite, But Thanks To The MCU, One Actor Is Gaining Steam

Marvel Studios may have given an edge to a new James Bond candidate, but Regé-Jean Page is still the favorite.

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Regé-Jean Page's James Bond Odds Might Shift Drastically With His Latest Role

A new casting for Regé-Jean Page could see his James Bond odds take a massive turn in either direction.

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After Regé-Jean Page Earns Emmy Nod, Bridgerton’s Creator Comments On Whether He Could Return In Season 2
James Bond Odds: Regé-Jean Page's Chances To Become The New 007 Have Set Tom Hardy Back

It's the Duke of Hastings versus Eddie Brock, as Regé-Jean Page has taken an allegedly giant leap to 007 status.

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Move Over, Regé-Jean Page Isn't The Only Bridgerton Star Landing Movie Roles Next

Which Bridgerton star will be the next to make a play for big-screen fame?

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Regé-Jean Page Warned His Family About Bridgerton Nudity, Shares How They Responded After Seeing Netflix Show
John Boyega Offers A+ Choice For Actors To Play Black Superman Calvin Ellis

The Star Wars actor should be a casting director with these picks.

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Regé-Jean Page's Bridgerton Comments Just Got A Little Weird As He Compares Netflix Show To A Happy Meal

Regé-Jean Page's Bridgerton comments are not what you think, but equally as tasty.

That Bridgerton Line You Keep On Quoting? Not So Fast, Says Regé-Jean Page

Fans have really latched on to one Bridgerton line, but Regé-Jean Page has a message for them.

Phoebe Dynevor Previews How Netflix’s Bridgerton Season 2 Will Work Without Rege-Jean Page

How will Season 2 of Bridgerton work without Regé-Jean Page? Phoebe Dynevor explains.

Regé-Jean Page Talks Why Bridgerton Is Brave While Shonda Rhimes Has A Warning For Fans

When Shonda Rhimes issues a warning, Netflix fans better heed it.

Bridgerton Alum Regé-Jean Page Reveals The ‘Freakiest’ Thing About Working With The Russo Brothers On Netflix’s The Gray Man
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Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor Finally Talks About Hopes For Season 2 After Regé-Jean Page's Exit

Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor has finally opened up about Season 2 after Regé-Jean Page's exit.

A Regé-Jean Page Bridgerton Season 2 Cameo? Shonda Rhimes Has Thoughts About That Idea
At Least One Bridgerton Star Was 'Not Surprised' About Rege-Jean Page's Exit As Simon

Everyone and their mom was shocked by Rege-Jean Page's Bridgerton exit, except for one of his co-stars.

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