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Marlon Wayans: What To Watch If You Like The Respect Star

If you loved Marlon Wayans in Respect, here's what you should stream or rent next.

All Five Scary Movies, Ranked

All five Scary Movie films have something to offer, but which is the best? Well, you're about to find out since here are all 5 Scary Movies, ranked.

Anna Faris Talks Being Broke When She Landed Her Big Role In Scary Movie

Sounds like Scary Movie came along at just the right time for Anna Faris.

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Scary Movie And 13 Other Great Parody Movies Available To Stream
American Psycho And 11 Other Great Movies That Turn 20 This Year

Yes, you're that old and here are 12 movies to remind you of that.

12 Outrageously Funny Movies On Netflix Right Now

Looks like you could use a good laugh and a Netflix subscription

Why Regina Hall Still Loves Scary Movie

Even though she first appeared as the character 16 years ago, Regina Hall recently told us that she still looks back fondly at Brenda, her character from the horror spoof Scary Movie.

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6 Reasons the Spoof Genre Is About To Die

Despite their legacy as some of Hollywood’s best comedies, spoof movies, as a genre, are dying. Here are the six reasons why we believe the genre will soon no longer be viable.

Malcolm Lee Hired To Direct Scary Movie 5

Two years after Scary Movie 5 was announced, Scream, the primary target for the first few spoofs, received the green light for its fourth installment. About the same time, The Weinstein Company saw fit to remind us that yes, Scary Movie 5 was still happening and now, well over another year since the friendly reminder, the long gestating fifth film in the series found its director in Malcolm Lee.

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Anna Faris Says She'd Do Scary Movie 5

Whether or not the world needs another Scary Movie film is probably debatable, but should the spoof-series return for a fifth installment, it’s likely that they’d want to bring Anna Faris back to reprise her role as Cindy, the ditzy girl often caught up in a mess of trouble.

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Scary Movie 5 Still Happening

Are we supposed to be excited for this? Clearly, no one was in a hurry to get things going. This whole thing feels like one of your alcoholic friends telling you he’s going to quit drinking. Yeah, yeah, sure. I’ll believe it when I see it

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Scary Movie 5 Will Be A Reboot

We’ve survived four installments and you’d think that would earn us all a break, but they’re starting it all over again. We’ve heard from solid sources close to the Weinstein Company that they’re rebooting Scary Movie

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