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Ryan Reynolds Shared A Hilarious Thanksgiving Themed Deadpool 2 Poster

While information about Deadpool 2 is slim, Reynolds recently shared a fantastic Thanksgiving themed poster to keep us engaged.

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Fandoms Collide When Stan Lee Meets Star Wars: The Last Jedi's BB-8

We live in a golden age if you're a genre movie fan as we're now getting all the comic book movies we can handle along with a regular drip feed of Star Wars. Over the weekend, those two fandoms met in a fantastic moment.

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The Lovely Way Dwayne Johnson Paid Tribute To Stan Lee

Stan Lee. He is the face of Marvel and man so beloved and respected among comic book and superhero fans that DC and Marvel loyalists alike acknowledge his greatness. This icon of the industry has an admirer in one of Hollywood's biggest stars, The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. At Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, The Rock paid tribute to the man himself.

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The Non-Marvel Movie That Stan Lee May Cameo In

Stan Lee may be lining up yet another comic book movie cameo, but not for an upcoming Marvel film. Here's what we know.

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The Crazy Way Stan Lee Filmed His Cameo For The Gifted

Stan Lee is legendary for making appearances in Marvel movies and TV shows, and we've known for a while that he would appear on The Gifted. Now we know the crazy story of how it happened.

Will Marvel Get X-Men Back? Here's What Stan Lee Says

The X-Men has been a 20th Century Fox film property for years, but Stan Lee has given his thoughts on whether or not Marvel will get the mutants back eventually.

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How Many More Cameos We Can Definitely Expect Stan Lee To Appear In

Stan Lee's cameos have become as much a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Iron Man or Captain America. With the MCU working toward wrapping up Phase 3, we now know what Lee has planned for the next couple years worth of films.

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The Classic Marvel Character Stan Lee Wants To See More Of In The MCU

To see characters like Black Panther and Doctor Strange sharing screen time with Thor and Iron Man... Stan Lee couldn't have predicted that. It's truly amazing. And yet, there's still one character that Stan hopes gets more screen time in an upcoming Marvel movie.

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New Defenders Video Features Stan Lee And First Look At The Punisher

The next installment in Netflix's Marvel universe will debut in August with The Defenders. Netflix just released a new video ahead of the premiere, featuring Stan Lee and the Punisher. Check it out!

See Stan Lee Surrounded By Avengers On The Set Of Infinity War

There ain't no party like an Infinity War party... at least when Stan Lee is involved.

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Watch Marvel’s Touching Tribute To Stan Lee’s Wife

Joan Lee, the wife of comic book legend Stan Lee, recently passed away after a stroke, and Marvel has released a touching video in remembrance of her.

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Stan Lee's Wife, Joan Lee, Dead At 93

Marvel fans have been preparing themselves for a day in the future when the 94 Stan Lee is no longer with us. However, today is an equally sad day, as Stan wife of nearly 70 years has passed away.

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Why Stan Lee Likes Doing Cameos So Much

Stan Lee has been cameoing in most Marvel movies for nearly two decades. Here's why he loves making these brief appearances so much.

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Apparently, Stan Lee And Marvel Used To Troll DC Comics Back In The Day

An old interview with Stan Lee has just resurfaced, showing him getting real sassy about DC, and it's pretty hilarious.

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Stan Lee Took Some Shots At The 1970s Spider-Man TV Show

While he seems as jazzed as everyone else about the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Marvel icon Stan Lee is not a fan of the 1970's TV show The Amazing Spider-Man.

3 Other Fun Cameos Stan Lee Filmed For Doctor Strange

While filming his cameo for Doctor Strange, Stan Lee also sat for three other scenes with director James Gunn. Read on to get the details of those three alternate takes.

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The Real Reason Stan Lee Loves His Avengers: Age Of Ultron Cameo

Stan Lee has said before that his favorite Marvel movie cameo is in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and how he's told us why.

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Spider-Man's NBA TV Spot Comes With A Cool Surprise Marvel Cameo

There's a lot that we don't know about the personality and preferences of the newest incarnation of Spider-Man, but as it turns out, the kid is a serious basketball fan.

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Avengers: Infinity War Will Be Adding A Big New Character, According To Stan Lee

Stan Lee is hinting at some major developments for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Avengers: Infinity War.

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The Mistake James Gunn Admits He Left In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a great movie. It's a hit with both critics and audiences and it won the box office for the second weekend in a row. However, the film is not perfect, and it's all James Gunn's fault.

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