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Full Metal Jacket Almost Included A Scene Inspired By R. Lee Ermey's Dirty Poetry

You probably don't know that Ermey spent a good portion of his time alone on _Full Metal Jacket _writing dirty poetry -- and what's more, one poem in particular almost found its way into the film.

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This Epic Dad Made His Twin Girls Play Out That Famous Scene From The Shining

Martin Hughes is having some fun with his twin daughters, dressing them up in matching outfits and having them stand in a London hotel as if they were the horrifying twin girls from his favorite movie. Just play with them already, Danny!

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Why The Shining's Ending Was Changed For The Movie

The Shining is one of the all time classic horror movies, but's it's also a pretty great book too! However, the book and movie differ in some key areas, like how the iconic ending of the movie was totally different in the book. Here's the reason for that.

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Someone Made Rogue One Posters In The Style Of Stanley Kubrick, And They’re Awesome

While the official _Rogue One _poster is pretty stunning, this new fan-made one might beat it in some classic moviegoer eyes.

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The Fairy Tale Movie Stanley Kubrick Was Working On When He Died

Besides working on what would eventually become Steven Spielberg's A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, there was another fairy tale that Stanley Kubrick was keen on telling to the world. Read on to see which beloved children's classic almost got the Kubrick treatment.

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Stephen King's Biggest Problem With Stanley Kubrick's Version Of The Shining

There are two nearly undeniable truths about Stanley Kubrick version of Stephen King’s The Shining. One is that The Shining is an absolutely terrifying horror movie. The other is that Stephen King hates that movie with the fiery passion of 1,000 burning suns.

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Watch The Chickening, The Strangest And Funniest The Shining Spoof Ever

Imagine if The Shining spent a summer following the Grateful Dead around living on nothing but mushrooms and LSD. And if that had a bad trip, I suspect it would look something like The Chickening.

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Where The Ending Of Blade Runner Actually Came From

Sir Ridley Scott has admitted that Stanley Kubrick's helicopter footage from The Shining was used in the conclusion to Blade Runner, making one of cinemas finest endings even better.

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The Shining Hotel Has Big Plans To Become The Scariest Place You've Ever Visited

The Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King's The Shinning, is expanding to include a museum and fully functioning film studio, meaning that it's going to be harder to do all work and no play.

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The Shining Mashes Up Perfectly With The Grand Budapest Hotel

This amazing mashup of The Shining and The Grand Budapest Hotel flows so smoothly it makes you want to get out your tinfoil hat and ponder if it was too perfect.

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Are The Shining Conspiracy Theories Actually True?

The Shining is a lot of things to a lot of people, but at least we can all agree it's a pretty good movie. That said, what's the truth behind those conspiracy theories surrounding the film's message?

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Tomorrowland Almost Had A Stanley Kubrick Cameo

Never in a million years have the words, "Stanley Kubrick Is In A Disney Film," ever crossed our minds. Yet Brad Bird couldn't help but temporarily write the brooding genius into a Tomorrowland cameo that was eventually deleted.

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This Epic Kubrick Vs Scorsese Supercut Is Mesmerizing And Badass

There is little debate or question that Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick are two of the greatest filmmakers to ever walk this earth. But what may surprise you is that the styles of their respective films work work rather tremendously together - as seen in this awesome new super cut.

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Big Sets That Money Can Buy

We’ve culled through some of our 2014 favorites to bring you a variety of recommendations for movie and TV superfans. Check out our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide and let us know if you’ve already bought any one of these expensive beauties for someone you really, really like.

Stanley Kubrick Was Even Cheaper Than We Thought

Stanley Kubrick was a film genius, but apparently he's also a bit cheap. Malcolm McDowell discusses Kubrick's cheap tendencies during filming of A Clockwork Orange.

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Stephen King Just Went Off About How Much He Hates The Shining Again

There has been some real garbage movies made from Stephen King books. (Dreamcatcher and Sleepwalkers come to mind.) But no matter how many years pass, the author behind Carrie, Christine and Pet Cemetery still loathes the best-regarded horror movie based on his works. King still can't stand Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

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10 A-List Directors And The Projects They Never Got Funding For

Filmmakers nowadays are finding that it’s pretty hard to get their dream-films off the ground. But it’s always been this way for directors. Even some of the greatest men to ever set foot behind the camera have struggled to find funding for their passion movies, and this includes the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Charlie Chaplin, both of whom wanted to make biopics on Napoleon Bonaparte, Orson Welles, and, ahem, Mel Gibson.

Michael C. Hall Will Rob Banks In Unproduced Stanley Kubrick Project God Fearing Man

Not an actor to dive into multitudes of projects with reckless abandoned, Michael C. Hall has landed on his next role, and it’s taking him back to the televised home that turned him into a household name. He has signed on for the miniseries God Fearing Man, an unproduced screenplay by the iconic Stanley Kubrick.

Revisit Stanley Kubrick's Greatest Works In This Video Tour Of His Museum Exhibit

It’s pretty astounding these videos don’t have tens of thousands more views, given how professional they look. I’d call it a conspiracy, but I think the documentary Room 237 may have already included it.

Room 237's Latest Poster Hints At Its Twisting Center

While there were scads of remarkable movies at NYFF this year, none was as fun to watch in a crowd as Room 237. Leaping from one man's insistence that the whole film is Kubrick's confession for a historical deception, to other devoted fan's claims The Shining is about the Nazis, or the white man's destruction of the Native Americans, it's easy to get entangled in a group titter.

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