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The Supergirl Character Who May Be Reign's Next Major Target

The latest episode fo Supergirl featured a twist that could result in one character ending up as Reign's next big target.

Legends Of Tomorrow Has Officially Added Kid Flash To The Team

Kid Flash is joining the Waverider in a more permanent capacity.

How The Flash Could Use The Cerebral Inhibitor To Defeat The Thinker

The Flash previously teased how Season 4's The Thinker could be defeated. Here's how we think it would go.

Wait, Could Arrow Bring Back The Huntress In Season 6?

The midseason premiere of Arrow finally hit the airwaves, and it may have dropped some hints that a long-lost character is returning.

How Supernatural Filmed That Epic Wayward Sisters Action Sequence

Supernatural just aired the backdoor pilot for spinoff Wayward Sisters. One star explained to CinemaBlend how the episode's epic action sequence was filmed.

The Arrow Villain Who Poses The Biggest Threat To Team Arrow, According To One Star

Arrow introduced a whole team of villains for Season 6. One star spoke to CinemaBlend about which of these villains poses the biggest threat to Team Arrow and Star City.

Riverdale's Archie Andrews Is Out Of Control And Needs To Be Stopped

Riverdale has a lot of problems, and most of them start with Archie Andrews.

Check Out Arrow's Villains Wreaking Havoc In Star City In New Midseason Trailer
The Major Reasons Why Supernatural Fans Will Love The Wayward Sisters Spinoff

Supernatural is finally getting a spinoff with the female-centric Wayward Sisters. One of the spinoff stars spoke with CinemaBlend about why Supernatural fans will love the new show.

One Flash Theory Could Explain All The Weirdness In Season 4

Could The Flash's Season 4 craziness be explained by a similarly crazy theory?

The Flash Shows Off Elongated Man's Updated Costume And More In New Pictures

The next new episode of The Flash is giving Elongated Man a new look and introducing some new characters as well. Check them out!

Why Black Lightning's Violence Got Less Pushback From The CW, According To Cress Williams

With its series premiere, Black Lightning was as captivating as it was hardcore, and Cress Williams told me why The CW didn't balk at the violence.

What Black Lightning Fans Will See From Main Villain Tobias Whale, According To The Star

CinemaBlend spoke with Black Lightning star Marvin "Krondon" Jones III about the villainous Tobias Whale.

The Flash Just Resolved Its Big Cliffhanger With A Heartbreaking Twist

The Flash midseason finale ended on a huge cliffhanger back in December. The midseason premiere resolved the cliffhanger with an unexpectedly heartbreaking twist.

The Most Fun Thing About Black Lightning So Far, According To Cress Williams

Black Lightning is about to take over your TVs, and here's what star Cress Williams has enjoyed about it the most so far.

Supergirl Just Proved The Legion Of Super-Heroes Needs To Stick Around In Season 3

The Supergirl midseason premiere introduced the Legion of Super-Heroes and proved why exactly Kara and Co. will need them to stick around.

One Way The CW's Black Lightning Is More Rewarding Than Cress Williams Expected

Black Lightning star Cress Williams revealed how the show almost immediately surprised him in a great way.

Crisis On Earth-X Was Nearly Released As A "Seamless" Movie

Apparently, Marc Guggenheim had plans for the special following its release.

How The New Constantine Series Will Be Different Than The Live-Action

It sounds like the Constantine animated series will be different from the character's recent live-action appearances in one key way.

What Ian Somerhalder Would Change About The Vampire Diaries Finale

The Vampire Diaries came to an end last year with a heartbreaking finale, and there's one thing star Ian Somerhalder would change about it.

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