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One Way The Hobbit Prepared Richard Armitage For His Latest Film Pilgrimage

Richard Armitage is no stranger to playing sword-wielding badasses, but his Pilgrimage character is more similar to his role in The Hobbit than you may think.

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10 Book Adaptations The Whole World Is Still Mad About

Some of the best movies ever have been adapted from books... and then there's the rest of them. Not every adaptation is Harry Potter, but these movies might as well be a punch in the face.

Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter And Other Great Movie Marathons Airing On New Year's Eve Weekend

Another year has come and gone, and it's time to celebrate the best way we know how: hours of movie marathons! These are some of the best movie marathons happening all weekend.

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Hollywood Heading Back To Middle Earth For A J.R.R. Tolkien Biopic

A J.R.R. Tolkien biopic will be shopped around at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival, and it has a pretty obvious title. Get the details!

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The 10 Best Book-To-Movie Adaptations, According To The Brits

The British people have spoken, and this time a list of their 10 favorite book-to-film adaptations have been collected for the reading public to enjoy. Read on to see what topped the list, as well as where your other favorites may have ranked.

Another Lord Of The Rings Character Who Could Have Returned For The Hobbit

One actor has admitted that discussions were actually held for him to somehow return as his Lord of the Rings character in The Hobbit trilogy, even though his character would have been an infant.

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10 Movie Franchises That Actually Got Better As They Went On

The first movie in a series sets a bar, and it’s by that bar that all subsequent titles are judged. For most franchises this proves to be an insurmountable task (Back To The Future and Jurassic Park spring to mind), but there are a few out there that have follow-up stories that are better than their predecessor.

More Gandalf For Sir Ian McKellen? The Legendary Actor Says This

Would Sir Ian McKellen ever reprise his role of Gandalf and go trekking around Middle Earth one more time? The legendary actor had a rather blunt response when asked that very question recently.

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Why The Hobbit Wasn't Better, According To Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a masterclass in filmmaking. ackson and his team spent years simply planning the production before filming ever began. In The Hobbit, not so much.

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Arrow's Manu Bennett Was Arrested At Comic Con, Get The Details

Looks like somebody is getting used to the handcuffs off screen as much as he is on screen. Actor Manu Bennett who portrayed Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke on the hit CW TV series Arrow was just arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge while attending Alamo City Comic Con.

An R-Rated Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies Is Coming This Fall

The Battle of the Five Armies is about to get bloodier. Well, we assume bloodier, because Warner Bros. officially announced the extended edition of the final Hobbit trilogy installment will be rated R.

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Lord Of The Rings Cinematographer Andrew Lesnie Dies Of A Heart Attack

Andrew Lesnie, the Oscar-winning cinematography behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy and a longtime collaborator of director Peter Jackson, has passed away. A native of Sydney, Australia, Lesnie was said to have died from a heart attack. He was 59.

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New DVD Releases: March 2015 In Home Entertainment

While movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron are gearing up to head into theaters this spring, the big home entertainment companies are still churning out some Academy Award nominees and winners, along with some holiday favorites.

This Clever Lord Of The Rings Video Perfectly Explains What The Hell The Ring Is

Have you read all of the Middle-earth books by J.R.R. Tolkien and watched all of the adaptations by Peter Jackson, yet still find yourself confused by exactly how The One Ring really works? Well, now we have this nifty new video to explain it all in understandable and deep detail paired with fun animation.

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Watch Eddie Redmayne Demonstrate His Terribly Awkward Hobbit Audition

While on The Graham Norton Show Eddie Redmayne revealed his interest in a few hit films including The Hobbit which he actually auditioned for. Watch him describe his terribly awkward audition for the role of Bilbo Baggins.

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This Celebrity Was Apparently Offered A Role In The Hobbit

In a fun behind the scenes story that should interest any Middle-earth fans out there, it's been revealed that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was offered a role in one of The Hobbit films if he cooked Peter Jackson’s 50th birthday dinner.

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Drafthouse Planning The Perfect Middle-earth Tribute For Hobbit And Lord Of The Rings Fans

The Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin will be showing a marathon of all six Peter Jackson Middle-earth films. We've got the amazing and delicious-sounding details here!

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The 10 Most Badass Moments in Peter Jackson's Middle-earth Movies

Now that The Battle of Five Armies has released, we seen all of Peter Jackson's Tolkien films. Here are the 10 most badass moments from the movies.

Wait, Peter Jackson Thinks Other Directors Rely Too Much On Technology?

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit is releasing. He's celebrating by calling out other directors for using too much CG.

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The Hobbit 2 Just Got An Epic Middle Finger From This Honest Trailer

It’s pretty easy to make fun of The Hobbit. Each of the films, including the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, come in at around three hours long, while they’re also slightly pompous and filled with moments that are borderline ridiculous. Still, even though it’s easy that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done.

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