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Simon Cowell Taken To Hospital After Fall

It sounds like the scene at Simon Cowell's mansion was shocking when paramedics raced in to help.

Watch Simon Cowell Accidentally Punch A Female X Factor Contestant In The Face

Simon Cowell has been on the reality TV circuit for quite some time now. In all of that time, the man has become known for his biting criticism's along with his witticisms, but he's never actually been known for getting super angry or violent around contestants.

X-Factor Contestant Sues Show For Altering Her Performance

Reality TV has been accused of altering reality on more than one occasion. This time however, it seems the situation requires legal action. A former X-Factor contestant is suing the show for allegedly changing her performance.

Watch The Insane Rant That Just Got Two X Factor Judges Fired

the people who cross a line are the ones sitting at the judges table, and such was the case on a recent episode of the New Zealand version of The X Factor. You can watch the mean-spirited video, here.

The X Factor Cancelled By Fox, Simon Cowell To Return To The UK Series

After premiering to ratings far lower than some expected, The X Factor's numbers continued to dip steadily over the course of its three-season run and no amount of drama, mentor shuffling or format shifting could get those numbers up.

The Bachelor Episode 2 Watch: Juan Pablo And The Woefully Wasted Women

On the second episode of Juan Pablo, ABC’s latest man-in-waiting on The Bachelor, the ladies vying for his undying love were the central focus, and hoo lord, it’s gotten real hard real fast with this season. You know what I mean? That sad, guilty sink that creeps in immediately following an eye roll or laugh at the expense of a contestant. There’s no rationalizing this mess in the name of love and people doing stupid stuff for it.

6 Huge Issues The X Factor Needs To Fix If It Returns For Season 4

There are simply too many problems to overcome, and even worse, those in charge don’t seem to recognize what those problems are. Despite offering several new ideas to the larger singing competition genre, the show puts out a product that, more often than not, is frustrating, repetitive and sophomoric. It’s just not good television and rather than steadily improving, it’s bizarrely getting worse almost by the episode.

Demi Lovato May Leave The X Factor If It's Not Canceled First

Fox’s newest singing competition series, The X Factor, has cycled through judges. Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, L.A. Reid and Britney Spears have come and gone in the show’s three seasons on air, and soon it looks like we’ll be adding the spunky Demi Lovato to the list.

X Factor's Thanksgiving Double Elimination Doesn't Help Ratings

On Thursday, Fox opted to air a brand new episode of its flailing reality competition series, The X Factor, despite the fact that it ran opposite Thanksgiving specials and football, which tend to do quite well. To amp things up a bit, the reality series put together a special double elimination that was designed to keep fans glued to the edge of their seats.

5 Good TV Shows We Want To See Less Of

More is not always better. Contrary to what those fine folks over at AT&T would have you believe, there is a limit to the amount we can handle of most things. Remember that chubby kid from Matilda? He learned there’s such a thing as too much cake after that heinous principal force fed pounds of it to him.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Is Not A Ratings Fairy Tale

Thursday’s ratings are usually pretty interesting, considering that night offers some of the most-watched programs of the week, and is filled with some of the most interesting TV fodder. This Thursday, NBC aired a special episode of The Voice as part of a plan to extend the Battle Round of the hit show, and hopefully improve the network’s ratings. While NBC was up in the ratings last night, the same cannot be said for a few other network shows.

The X Factor's Ratings Are A Halloween Horror Story

Grandparents are busy snapping photos of grandchildren and people in their twenties often use the holiday as an excuse to dress up and go out if they don’t already have kids. All of these things are generalizations, of course, but the fact that last night was a holiday that kept a lot of people out of their homes did lead to poor ratings. And none were more dismal last night than the ratings for Fox’s The X Factor.

The X Factor's Carly Rose Sonenclar To Guest Star On Law & Order: SVU

Last season, The X Factor finally began to produce contestants that have made their mark. Both Emblem 3 and Fifth Harmony have made their marks on YouTube, and the latter has even lined up a touring gig with judge Demi Lovato. Now, Season 2 runner-up Carly Rose Sonenclar is also finding success, albeit via a different forum. The 14-year-old star recently filmed an episode for NBC’s long-running procedural, Law & Order: SVU,

The X Factor's New Four Chair Challenge Is A Brutal And Brilliant Must-Watch

Have you been watching The X Factor? Judging by the less than stellar ratings, chances are you either never got on board this season or bailed quickly. I get it. The early stage rounds are repetitive and quickly grow tiresome, and since the introductory episodes of The Voice are also airing right now, it’s easy to see why you went in that direction.

Revolution Ratings Way Down In Season 2 Premiere

Last night, NBC’s ratings darling from last year, Revolution, premiered its second season on the network. Today’s ratings came in and they weren’t particularly pretty for the post-electricity drama, which came in fourth place during its brand new timeslot. This means the show got beat by ABC’s comedy block, CBS’ Survivor, and Fox’s The X Factor.

Watch Teen Carlos Guevara's Inspirational X Factor Performance

Last night, the editors of the show were going for some real heartwarmers, bringing us a return contestant and a socially awkward fifteen-year-old with a big old voice. The real winner of the night was Carlos Guevara, a sixteen-year-old high school student who wants to compete, despite the fact that he is suffering from Tourette syndrome.

The X Factor Needs To Hire Judges With Something To Say

If Simon Cowell and FOX executives are to be believed, it’s a long and complicated process that will take time, but the truth is, it’s not. Finding the right judges is profoundly simple. Since no one actually involved with the show seems to get it, let me spell it out as simply as I can. The goal is to hire people who have something to say and don’t rely on the same stock phrases.

The X Factor's Season 3 Premiere Loses To Big Brother In The Ratings

The X Factor returned to Fox’s schedule last night, with a couple of new judges on the panel and less behind-the-scenes bitchiness from contestants. Last year’s Season 2 opener spent a lot of time introducing the judges and giving fans different insights into how stuff actually goes down before contestants try out on that big stage. I have no idea what happened with last night’s Season 3 premiere, but there was nothing remotely exciting about the format, and it showed in the ratings.

2013 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows

September is upon us, and with it comes the return of our favorite TV shows, as well as the premieres of many of the new series on deck to debut on network and cable TV. From the early starters, including Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy and The Legend of Korra, to the October arrivals, including Grimm, American Horror Story: Coven and The Walking Dead and everything in between, we have plenty to look forward to this fall!

Fifth Harmony Debuts New Single Me & My Girls

The girls of Fifth Harmony may have only placed third on the second season of Fox’s singing competition The X Factor, but the girl’s first single “Miss Movin On” recently nabbed over a million YouTube views, pushing the girls ever closer to tangible stardom. On Thursday, the girls headed to the stage of Today to banter a little about the group’s upcoming album and perform the second single off of the album, “Me & My Girls.”

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