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Kelvin Harrison Jr.: 8 Great Performances From The High Note Actor

Kelvin Harrison Jr. has appeared in some of the best films of the last few years. His name may not be well known yet, but it very well might be in the next few years.

Why It's Unfair To Compare Tracee Ellis Ross' Voice To Diana Ross' In The High Note, According To The Director

The High Note's director wants fans to focus on Tracee Ellis Ross' performance and not her famous mom.

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Why Fifty Shades’ Dakota Johnson Prefers Jamie Dornan To Christian Grey

Dakota Johnson chooses the real Jamie Dornan over his smoldering literary character.

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Why The High Note Couldn’t Have Picked A Better Time To Drop

We could all use some music right about now.

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How Michael B. Jordan Found Out About His Surprise The High Note Cameos

Well, that's one way to find out you're in a movie.

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Despite Questions, Tracee Ellis Ross Says Her Her High Note Character Is Not Based On Her Famous Mother

Tracee Ellis Ross didn't draw much inspiration from her famous mom for her new role.

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Despite Trolls Backlash, Universal Is Releasing Another Movie Straight To Homes

Another movie you'll be able to rent digitally right off the bat.

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