Why Fifty Shades’ Dakota Johnson Prefers Jamie Dornan To Christian Grey

Fifty Shades Freed Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

Lots of fans are obsessed with Christian Grey, the smoldering and complex male love interest in E.L. James’ series of popular novels. Yet if you asked Fifty Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson, it appears she prefers the realness of her co-star Jamie Dornan to the intense nature of the character he plays on the big screen. In fact, it turns out Jamie Dornan’s pretty funny.

Apparently, Dakota Johnson is more of a lighthearted person by nature and she recently revealed during an episode of Comedy Central’s “Would You Rather” that she would rather spend time with Jamie Dornan over Christian Grey, if all things were equal, noting,

Probably Jamie. He’s a lot funnier than Christian Grey, sadly.

Of course, Jamie Dornan also has the added pro of being a real life person with his own needs, wants and personal life, while Christian Grey is a fantastical character concocted on the page, so Dornan technically has that going for him to. I guess what we should really take from this is that Dakota Johnson prefers realness to fantasy.

In fact, though, Jamie Dornan is pretty fun. He recently joined social media where he has been sharing his isolation life with his young daughters, which involves funny videos like him riding a tiny bike in the driveway

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Previously, Dakota Johnson has spoken out about her working relationship with Jamie Dornan, noting she feels the only reason Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed works is because the two actors were able to cut loose and be goofy on the set together.

If we didn't get along, it would have been so heartbreaking, because the reason why we have a special relationship onscreen is because we have an even more special relationship off. If we couldn't laugh at each other and make fun of each other and trust each other and goof around all the time, then like, it wouldn't have been what it is.

At the end of the day, the Fifty Shades movies made over a billion dollars at the box office and have landed a worldwide fanbase. Another book from E.L. James easily nabbed movie rights thanks to the success of these films, too. It’s hard to tell if the success is mostly because people love the characters E.L. James created or if Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan really sold the chemistry onscreen, thus nabbing a wider audience. Probably a little bit of both is the right answer. While one can dream about being with a Christian Grey, it looks like the Jamie Dornan’s of the world win the "would you rather" game.

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