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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Reveals A Toy Story World And More

Square Enix finally broke the silence on Kingdom Hearts III at this weekend's D23 Expo. As part of a larger panel on upcoming Disney games, we received confirmation of the first Pixar world in a main Kingdom Hearts title.

How Toy Story Influenced The Creation Of The Emoji Movie

Tony Leondis had a similar inspiration. The writer and director of the upcoming The Emoji Movie was opening up about his process of coming up with the cellphone-based comedy, and he said it all started with

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5 Pixar Fan Theories That Are Horribly Sad And Totally Depressing

Over the weekend, an interesting tale that explained some details about the missing backstory of Toy Story surfaced, and while it's been debunked by Pixar, it still makes for a great fan theory, because all Pixar fan theories are depressing.

Toy Story's Writer Responded To The Rumors About Woody's Backstory

Recently a man claimed to have the definitive backstory of Toy Story's Woody and Andy that answered every question you didn't know you had. Now, one of Pixar's top people has responded.

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Toy Story Apparently Has A Shockingly Complex Backstory For Woody

The origins of Woody are a mystery, but now someone has revealed everything about where the cowboy doll came from before he met Andy. In true Pixar fashion, it's complex, brilliant, and really depressing.

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These Pixar Superfans Turned Their Bedroom Into Andy's Room From Toy Story

If you thought you loved Pixar's Toy Story you've got a fairly high bar to clear. A pair of brothers have turned one of their rooms into an exact replica of Andy's room from the third film.

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Cars 3 Has An Awesome Toy Story Easter Egg, See It

Pixar loves to fill their movies with easter eggs and looking for them can one of the most entertaining parts of the film. We've already spotted a major easter egg in Cars 3 and the movie isn't actually out yet.

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How Tom Hanks Feels About That Epic Toy Story Fan Theory

There's a clever Toy Story fan theory that's been making the rounds for the last couple years, and Tom Hanks has revealed what he thinks about it.

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Don Rickles Didn’t Record His Toy Story 4 Dialogue Before His Death

While the entertainment community collectively mourned Rickles' death, speculation quickly arose as to whether or not he had recorded his role in Toy Story 4. Now we have an answer to that question.

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Toy Story Star Don Rickles Is Dead At 90

Legendary stand-up comic and actor Don Rickles has passed away. Get the details ahead.

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How Pixar Changes Its Movies Before They Open In International Markets

Pixar makes minor adjustments to its movies depending on the country it's screening in, and I don't mean just language dubbing. For those wondering what these entail, a new video explores what aspects the studio has altered for international audiences.

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How Many Pixar Easter Eggs From This Extensive Video Have You Seen?

If you're a hardcore Pixar fan then you're probably used to looking for, and finding, references to other Pixar films inside each of their theatrical releases. However, a new Disney video shows off some easter eggs that even the most eagle-eyed viewer may have missed.

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Tom Hanks And Ellen Bring Woody And Dory's Voices Together, And It's Absolute Pixar Magic

Pixar has some of the best characters around but they never get to interact with each other. Luckily, we've got Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres to make some magic.

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The 25 Movies Dads Love Sharing With Their Kids

Father's Day is right around the corner and if you're looking for something nice to do for your father on Sunday, here's one very simple and easy option: watch a movie with him.

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10 Movie Franchises That Actually Got Better As They Went On

The first movie in a series sets a bar, and it’s by that bar that all subsequent titles are judged. For most franchises this proves to be an insurmountable task (Back To The Future and Jurassic Park spring to mind), but there are a few out there that have follow-up stories that are better than their predecessor.

The Unexpected Pixar Sequel That Inspired Neighbors 2

Making a good sequel is not easy. Making a good sequel to a comedy seems to be even more difficult. When Nicholas Stoller was tasked with making a follow-up to his box office hit Neighbors he went looking at other comedy sequels that were successful.

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Will Poulter Was Once Confused With Sid In Toy Story, See A Side-By-Side

When you’re a professional film actor, dealing with fans is part of the job. You’ll get recognized by people who want a photo or an autograph. Most actors don’t have a problem with this. However, most get recognized for work they've actually done.

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See The Classic Movie References Found In Pixar's Greatest Films

By this point we're all well aware of just how clever Pixar movies are. These emotionally engaging stories are full of intricate themes and crammed with references to other movies, a fact celebrated in this new compilation video.

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This Pixar Tribute To Friendship Delivers Every Single One Of The Feels

Pixar has done it again. In conjunction with their twentieth anniversary and the upcoming release of The Good Dinosaur, they've put together a video guaranteed to help you release some pent up emotions. Get your hankies ready now, you've been warned.

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Who Voices Toy Story's Woody When Tom Hanks Is Too Busy To Do It

Tom Hanks has that signature voice that’s unmistakable. He’s lent it to Toy Story for the role of toy cowboy Woody in three films and a fourth is on the way. Well, as it turns out, we’ve been misled for quite some time.

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