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The Brevard County Public Library’s idiotic decision to ban Fifty Shades of Grey has sparked a lot of anger from anti-censorship groups, but there’s one company that’s angrier than all the rest. Random House is the one actually printing the copies that have been denied placement on the shelves, and it’s none too pleased about the First Amendment being trampled on by overly aggressive book burners.

A spokesman for the company reached out to TMZ today and told the outlet it “fervently opposes literary censorship”. Here’s a look at a portion of the statement…
"We believe the Brevard County Public Library System is indulging in an act of censorship, and essentially is saying to library patrons: we will judge what you can read."

Whether you’re inclined to agree with large corporations with monetary stakes in an argument or not, that quote pretty much hits the nail on the head. A library system has decided it’s a better judge of what’s readable than its patrons. As someone who enjoys thinking for himself, I find that sentiment extremely offensive and you should to.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you were planning to read Fifty Shades Of Grey. It only matters if you think you’ll ever read a book that could potentially be banned for “your own best interests”. Works by everyone from Shakespeare to Hemingway have been deemed inappropriate before, and EL James’ book is just the latest text to receive the unfair smite. If you're against one, you should be against them all.

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