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Just because you're Taylor Swift doesn't mean you're automatically exempt from jury duty. Of course, if you're Taylor Swift and you have a legitimate excuse, you might be able to get out of it. Such is the case for the actual Taylor Swift, who reported for jury duty at a Nashville courthouse this week, and left without being assigned as a juror. As it turns out, she has her own pending legal matter, which apparently made her unfit to serve on a jury.

E! Online has the lowdown on the singer-songwriter's recent report to jury duty, citing a "courthouse witness" as saying that Taylor Swift was excused by the judge because she has a pending sexual assault case against David Mueller. Remember the DJ who was accused of groping Swift backstage at one of her performances. He actually sued her first, after he was fired over the allegations, and then she sued him back for groping her in the first place. Well, because of that counter-suit, Swift apparently wasn't a good fit to be on a jury panel for a case that involved charges of aggravated kidnapping, rape and domestic assault.

Taylor Swift

Being a celebrity doesn't automatically excuse a person from jury duty. Tom Hanks served on a jury back in 2013. However, Hanks' A League of Their Own co-star, Madonna, got out of the responsibility not long ago. TMZ suggests that the reason Madonna was excused from doing jury duty back in 2014 was because she was too famous. They elaborate on that, however, and it's a bit less cut and dried, as the site notes that the official reason for her dismissal was because the court had more than enough jurors to fill its needs.

go home a league of their own

It was apparently a concern that Madonna's presence at the court house was going to create a distraction in the selection process. And that's a perfectly reasonable assumption. Madonna was called for jury duty in a New York court. Tom Hanks' jury duty was in Los Angeles, where his fame was presumably less of a concern.

Or maybe no one could bring themselves to send him out.

Ok, enough League of Their Own references.

Back to Taylor Swift, from what E! says, she's looking to take her legal matter against David Mueller to court (with the intention of donating any money she receives from the case to charity), and until that happens, it seems she's not fit to serve on a jury. At least, not one for a case that involves sexual assault. I'm sure that's a disappointment to any of her fans who might've been fortunate enough to be among the other prospective jurors at that courthouse.

As for how Taylor Swift answered when asked about her profession, she stated that she's a songwriter. She certainly is.

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