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Donald Trump Walk of Fame star

Donald Trump's star may be rising in the realm of politics, but it's taking quite a beating in Hollywood. Literally. The Republican presidential candidate's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was demolished on Wednesday morning by a man dressed as a construction worker.

The man began hitting the star dedicated to Donald Trump with a sledgehammer and pickaxe on Wednesday morning at around 5:45 a.m. PST, according to Deadline. The man, who reported that his name was Jamie Otis, struck the brass letterings of Trump's name until they were removed from the star, and then also removed the brass medallion beneath.

Jamie Otis demolished the star while dressed as a construction worker, although we still don't know whether he actually works in construction or just acquired the outfit. Between forceful blows to the star, Otis was recorded calmly telling bystanders "Sorry guys, watch your eyes," as shrapnel flew from the in-ground dedication. Reportedly, the police did not show up at the star until around 6:15 a.m., by which time Otis was gone. Of course, Otis would face charges of vandalism if apprehended by the police.

When asked why he was destroying Donald Trump's star, Jamie Otis replied that he was actually attempting to extract the monument, and then auction it off in order to raise money for the women who have recently accused Trump of sexually assaulting them. The money raised from such an auction would have been used by the eleven women to fund legal aid in lawsuits that Trump has threatened each of them with, claiming that they are lying in saying that he made unwanted sexual advances towards them.

Though this is the most extreme act of vandalism on Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star to date, it is certainly not the first. Trump's star had remained just as dormant as the other thousands of terrazzo and brass monuments that line the iconic Hollywood walkway since it was first dedicated to him back in 2007 for hosting the reality competition series The Apprentice, but it started to become a beacon for protest and vandalism when the real estate magnate announced his candidacy for President of the United States last year. Since then, angry dissenters have made their feelings for the controversial candidate known through their treatment of the monument. A number of people have simply stomped or spit on the star while passing it on the street, while a few more daring protesters have broken out the spray paint to spray images like a swastika or a mute button over his name.

Earlier in the year, the amount of defamation that Donald Trump's star went through began a rumor that it would be the first star to ever be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but the President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce told CNN in April that those rumors were untrue and that they do not plan to ever remove a star once it's been placed.

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