Girl Tries To Jump Subway Track, Ends Up Smashing Her Face

That is most definitely going to leave a mark...

The latest viral video that's gaining a lot of buzz online is almost too painful to watch. A passerby managed to film a young woman who was attempting to leap over a New York City subway track, but fell short and instead smashed her face into the platform. Check out the cringeworthy video for yourself below.

Ouch! I'm pretty sure just about everyone who has lived in New York City or another major city that relies on public transit has had the passing though of, "Hmmm, I bet I could make that jump to the next platform," while waiting for their train, but then immediately thought better of it. I know I've had that thought, but I'm not about to risk my life like that!

From the short video, the injury looks like it must have been pretty dire, as you can hear her crash into the side of the subway platform and fall onto the tracks. Thankfully it didn't sound like there was a train on the way, and hopefully she was able to get back on the platform quickly afterwards.

There are actually startling amount of videos online of people jumping over subway tracks like this woman attempted too, but most of the other wind up successful, like these two energized thrill-seekers.

...Or this dude, who makes the jump look easy and wound up $65 richer because of it.

And let's not even show this poor, injured woman all the stuntmen who thought jumping the tracks was just too easy, and instead challenged themselves to clear the gap with some added flair.

Then there's the insane parkour expert who did a freakin' flip mid-air while jumping over the Boston subway tracks!

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Like I said... let's not show these clips to our fallen hero.

And as bad as that girl's fall looked, worse accidents happen when people mess around on or near the subway tracks. Just last month, a kid was killed trying to jump from a train to the platform. So if you're thinking about performing your own stunts... maybe play it safe and don't.