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Last Monday, Harrison Ford made news for violating an airline security measure and nearly crashing into a commercial flight while landing on the taxiway at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continues its investigation on Ford, which could result in the suspension of the actor's aviation license, a new video has emerged showing Ford's plane landing, which will likely be central to the FAA's ruling.

Check out the video of Harrison Ford coming dangerously close to another airplane while landing on a taxiway, as shared by TMZ, below.

The video, which was captured by airport security cameras, shows Harrison Ford's yellow airplane flying just several feet over American Airlines flight 737 as it was preparing to take off from the taxiway. Thankfully, there was no crash, and the commercial flight was able to depart for Dallas just a few moments later.

Airline controllers had reportedly instructed Harrison Ford to land on a specific runway at the Orange County airport, and even though the Star Wars actor radioed back that he understood the instructions, he still aimed his landing at the taxiway instead of the specified runway. Since the taxiway is the area where all commercial flights prepare to take off, it is strictly against FAA security measures for an airplane to land there without permission. The administration's security team is now investigating Ford's case to determine his punishment, which could be as small as a warning or as major as rescinding his aviation license.

Harrison Ford's love of aviation has been well-documented over the past 50 years. The actor, whose most famous character, Han Solo, also happens to be a skilled pilot, began flight training in his 20s, and kept up with the hobby throughout his lifetime. Though he has been recognized in aviation circles for his skill as a pilot various times, it is also true that this taxiway mishap is not the first time that he's made a mid-air mistake. While Ford was taking helicopter piloting lessons in 1999, he crashed the copter and wound up destroying it, though thankfully both he and his instructor made it out unharmed. And more recently, Ford had to make an emergency crash landing in the middle of a golf course in 2015 after his plane's engine had failed. Ford wound up breaking his pelvis and ankle in that crash, but it turned out to be a good thing overall, as investigators noted that had he not crashed in the golf course his plane would have likely fallen into a nearby populated suburb.

Both of those earlier crashes didn't really show any critical errors in Harrison Ford's flying skills, but this recent one could possibly wind up being the thing that keeps him grounded. We'll just have to see how the investigation turns out.