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San Francisco is a pretty safe place during the day. It’s the type of city most people would feel comfortable walking around by themselves within. Consequently, you would have thought a famous rapper and his fourteen member entourage would have been fine to walk across town, but unfortunately for 2 Chainz, that wasn’t the case on Sunday.

According to TMZ, 2 Chainz was walking around with his buddies at around 4:30 PM when they were approached by an unknown number of men with guns. At least one shot rang out and the rapper’s wallet was taken, but thankfully, no one was hurt. Authorities were on the scene fairly quickly, but by the time they arrived, 2 Chainz had apparently already decided not to be cooperative. He admitted he was robbed but allegedly told the police he would handle the incident himself.

Authorities haven’t gone into great detail about any theories, but they have said surveillance footage makes it clear this was not a random robbery. 2 Chainz was definitely the intended target, which makes sense considering the fine people of San Francisco are more often concerned with public nudity and piano bikes as opposed to random violence.

I’m not the type of guy to take the law into my own hands. The idea of going after someone who stole my wallet at gunpoint sounds like a horrid way to spend a weekend, but if this is how 2 Chainz wants to spend his time, I hope he gets his Bryan Mills on and comes out the other side with his wallet and all his body parts.

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