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Matthew McConaughey is one cool guy. And he found an extremely cool way to celebrate and honor the U.S. Winter Olympics champions. Following the athletic ceremonies, the Academy Award-winning actor paid the funds for a full-page congratulatory ad, with every athlete who won a medal for the U.S. proudly on display, front-and-center, in celebration. This ad was printed and distributed around the country today. That's pretty cool stuff. Check it out.

The ad was prominently featured, fittingly enough, in USA Today. It reads a simple congratulations "from one local to another," and it displays the proud names of each medalist who brought home gold, silver, and bronze for the red, white and blue. Including a cut-out of the country doused in the country's colors, the Dallas Buyers Club star signs off by saying "just keep livin'," which is the same name as his own foundation for high schoolers. Considering that NBC's own print ad was missing a few names, Matthew McConaughey's ad was an especially nice gesture.

The actor hasn't shied away from showcasing his appreciation for the worldwide sporting ceremonies in the past. In 2016, for instance, Matthew McConaughey was easily spotted at the Rio Olympics clad in patriotic attire and loudly celebrating the victories seen by the United States. McConaughey even went the extra mile to go to several different sporting events located throughout the city. He told the BBC how much he loved it.

I'm loving it. Getting to and from [the different Olympic sports venues] is not the easiest... Once the party started, you're not going to throw a better one than Brazil.

This ad is also not even the first time Matthew McConaughey has released a full-page ad this month, let alone this early year. Shortly after the Eagles won the Super Bowl, McConaughey made a point to release a full-page ad celebrating Nick Foles, the team's quarterback who grew up in Texas. As for the rest of the ad, you might notice that it's pretty similar to the one he printed today. But hey, if the formula ain't broke, don't fix it.

Nevertheless, these ads are a pretty awesome effort on Matthew McConaughey's part. They're classy, respectful and, best of all, generally unexpected. And they proudly showcase McConaughey's love of sports and the good 'ole U.S. of A. That's pretty, ahem, alright, alright, alright. Meanwhile, as an actor, McConaughey was last seen in The Dark Tower, and he recently filmed a string of roles for three films set to come out later this year. The first is the true-life crime drama White Boy Rick, which is slated to hit theaters on August 17th. The second is the drama-thriller Serenity, which also stars Anne Hathaway and Diane Lane, and that's planning to be released on September 28th. Lastly, he'll also lead Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers follow-up, The Beach Bum. Alongside Zac Efron, Isla Fisher, Martin Lawrence and Snoop Dog, it's a beachside comedy (of course) where he'll play a mysterious stoner named Moondog who plays by his own rules. That is set to hit theaters sometime this year. We'll keep our eyes open for that one.