Matthew McConaughey Once Saved His Family From A Ram

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is known to perform a few daring stunts in the movies. Perhaps his most daring stunt, however, didn't occur while cameras were rolling. In fact, it was a moment so crazy, it's hard to believe it's true. During his most recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where the actor was promoting his upcoming '80s crime drama flick White Boy Rick, McConaughey talked about the time he saved his family and dog from an attacking ram, which was endangering his loved ones. And it involves a quick handoff of the dog and baby to his wife. Here's how Mr. McConaughey explained this terrifying ram ordeal.

I had to, after I had already got rid of the dog, I had to launch Levi through the air for my wife to catch so we didn't get rammed off the edge. I squared off and tried to go as Yoda as I could with this ram and just say, 'Not me, whatever it is.'

As you can see in the late night talk show clip, the topic came up when Matthew McConaughey played a game of True Confessions with The Roots' Tarik Trotter, with Jimmy Fallon serving as the moderator between the two. The first confession of the evening was that McConaughey was charged by a mountain ram and he found himself at the edge of the Grand Canyon, where he needed to throw his dog and his six-month-old baby 15 feet up in the air in order to save him by the attacking animal. The Oscar winner also claimed this incident all went down on his birthday. It's a truly wild occurrence. While Fallon believed it to be true, Trotter appeared to be skeptical about the story's authenticity. Sure enough, however, McConaughey told the truth.

Matthew McConaughey doesn't live a dull life, that much can be said for certain. Apparently, the McConaughey family were having a picnic in the Grand Canyon and that's when they first made contact with the wild animal. The dog was apparently causing the other animal to be agitated, and the actor was able to get his pet and his child to safety before he found a way to make a daring escape. In order to get the ram away from the family, McConaughey claimed he needed to channel his inner actor and "go Yoda," playing mind tricks on the animal to get him away from the fearful family. Apparently, the ram felt that the family was imposing on his territory, and once the animal felt that McConaughey wasn't planning to stay, he let him be.

Check out The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon clip with Matthew McConaughey below.

Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. Meanwhile, speaking of true stories, White Boy Rick enters theaters this weekend.

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