Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham Suffers Vocal Cord Damage After Surgery

Lindsey Buckingham - Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It has been a difficult time for Lindsey Buckingham. It was almost one year ago when he was unceremoniously fired from his famous band, Fleetwood Mac, for reasons that apparently blindsided the singer/guitarist. And while he was able to forge his own solo tour while his ex-band was on a tour of their own this past fall, he is still being met with troubles. As it was reported this week, Buckingham has undergone emergency open heart surgery and that has resulted in vocal cord damage for the musician. The unfortunate news was made publicly known by Buckingham's wife, Kristen, who said:

He is now recuperating at home and each day he is stronger than the last. While it is unclear if this damage is permanent, we are hopeful it is not... This past year has been a very stressful and difficult year for our family to say the least. But despite all this, our gratitude for life trumps all obstacles we have faced at this moment. We feel so fortunate he's alive. As does he.

Lindsey Buckingham's family tree has a history of heart concerns, as it was reported by CNN. His father, for instance, passed away at the age of 56 due to heart illness, and the same is true for Buckingham's brother, who passed away at the age of 46. Buckingham is currently 69 years old. While the musician is reportedly recovering at home at the moment from his extremely serious medical procedure, it sounds like the condition of his vocal cords is currently left in question, which means his musical career might also be uncertain at the moment. But above all else, his health matters most.

Lindsey Buckingham himself hasn't released a statement about his medical status at this time. If that changes, we'll certainly keep you posted.

On their own social media account, Fleetwood Mac released a joint statement about the medical news of their former bandmate, saying:

We are saddened by this news. Our thoughts and love go out to Lindsey and his entire family. We are hopeful for his speedy recovery.

The Fleetwood Mac response is a nicely dignified response, especially considering the increasingly-bitter relationship between Lindsey Buckingham and the folk rock group these past few months. Specifically, Buckingham was trying to sue Fleetwood Mac and its prominent members for $12 million. That large sum of money was reportedly what Lindsey believed he was due for being kicked out of the group before their much-anticipated 2018 tour.

As expected, all of Lindsey Buckingham's forthcoming shows and tour dates have been cancelled for the foreseeable future while he recovers from this surgery. It's unclear how long that will take, or what the future will ultimately hold for the contested musician and his long-standing music career, but we will certainly keep you posted on any upcoming updates about Lindsey Buckingham's current medical condition right here at CinemaBlend.

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