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Ja Rule, Billy McFarland - FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

There's a saying that goes "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Normally, such motivational advice is inspiring and uplifting, encouraging people to not be put down by their failures but instead use them as fuel for your future successes.

But when it comes to Ja Rule, he might want to pick up another mantra. Specifically, "Quit while you're ahead." Or, rather, "Quit while you're already not ahead." Because the musical mogul has a dangerous proposition: he wants to bring back the Fyre Festival, despite all logic -- and even though the first attempt was a complete and utter disaster in almost every conceivable way. To emphasis it, there were not one, but two whole documentaries dedicated to its abysmal failure, and its name has become the antonym of Woodstock. But that is apparently not stopping Ja Rule.

Some people believe all press is good press, and perhaps that's the mindset in place here. As Page Six reports, Ja Rule claims he is hoping to bring the Fyre Festival back for a second round of music and sun. Let the haters be damned. Even though his business partner, Billy McFarland, is serving serious prison time right now for wire fraud, and there is no shortage of negativity directed his way, Ja Rule believes he is ready to get back into the music festival scene. The rapper told the media that he's currently cooking up another Fyre Festival-type music festival, and he believes this one won't be nearly as "sketchy" as the first. Here's what Rule said.

[Fyre] is the most iconic festival that never was. I have plans to create the iconic music festival, but you didn’t hear it from me. [Fyre Festival] is heartbreaking to me. It was something that I really, really wanted to be special and amazing, and it just didn’t turn out that way, but you know in the midst of chaos there’s opportunity, so I’m working on a lot of new things. I’ve got my new platform, Icon, rebranded and rebuilt and it’s an amazing platform. It’s for artists. It is kind of similar to what the [Fyre] app was, but you have to understand the app was separate from the festival. Different teams working on the app than the festival and the whole nine.

I suppose you have to admire the hustle. Most people would call it quits by now. Pack everything up and keep a low profile until the heat died down -- pun intended. But Ja Rule is a committed businessman, and even though he is now permanently linked to one of the biggest social media mistakes of the early 21st century, the artist and entrepreneur continues to push himself and promote his brand. That takes a lot of guts. Maybe not a lot of smarts, but it certainly takes a lot of guts.

Will it work out for Ja Rule? Chances are unlikely, but he is hopeful. In any case, if you want to know how the Fyre Festival turned out the first time around, you can watch FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened on Netflix and Fyre Fraud on Hulu. (Side note: Ja Rule is vocally against both movies, as you might've expected.) Both are illuminating and they might prevent Ja Rule from finding future sponsors.