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Last night, Amanda Bynes was arrested at her apartment in New York City for allegedly throwing a bong out the window while police were inside her apartment. This morning, she appeared in court looking a bit disheveled and sporting one pink acrylic nail on her middle finger. A few hours ago, she denied using drugs via Twitter and commented that she needs to get another nose job after seeing her mugshot.

Altogether, the last twenty-four hours or so have been pretty outlandish, but given Bynes’ last year or so, many things the day’s events point to more than just a crazy sequence of events. From having her license suspended to saying bizarre things on Twitter to quitting acting, Bynes has marched to the beat of her own drummer, and that’s gotten many wondering as to whether she might be suffering from a mental illness.

According to Radar Online, Bynes’ parents have met with several lawyers over the past month or so to see if they can place their daughter under a conservatorship, much like the one Britney Spears has been under. The theory is that with more supervision, she may be able to start working again and behave a little more conventionally. Not everyone is on board with that idea, however. There are some who think Bynes is more of a weirdo than an actual mental case. After all, she’s never hurt anyone else, and she’s never been a serious danger to herself.

What do you think? Would Bynes benefit from a conservatorship? Is she capable of taking care of herself? Let us know your thoughts by voting gin the poll below…

Is Amanda Bynes Capable Of Caring For Herself?

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