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Amanda Bynes Did Not Send The Latest Drake Tweet

During the final few months before Amanda Bynes was placed on a psych hold, the actress tweeted a slew of strange things, many of which were about hip-hop star Drake. Waffling back and forth between expressing positive and often sexual feelings and expressing angry and mean-spirited emotions, the actress’ obsession with Drake was ever-present and widely discussed. That’s why, when she hit up Twitter earlier this week to say she loved Drake, many weren’t particularly shocked. It turns out, however, that her account was actually hacked, and she had nothing to do with the tweet.

The former All That star’s attorney Tamar Arminak reached out to The Mirror this week to clear up any confusion. Here’s the exact quote…

”Amanda’s Twitter account has been hacked. She is at the UCLA Medical Center with no access to phones or computers."

While it wouldn’t be a shock if doctors allowed her to have limited access to technology given her extended stay, it likely would have been a huge step back if the first way Bynes’ chose to reach out to fans was through yet another obsessive Drake tweet. Here’s the fake communication in question that’s still hanging out on her Twitter account

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No one has any idea who might have hacked Bynes’ account. Clearly, someone was trying to have a laugh at her expense, but considering the severity of her situation right now, there’s really not a whole lot of smiles to be had. The actress is in a battle right now for her future, and mental illness is the toughest opponent she will ever face. Hopefully, she will be able to find a medication or combination of medications that is able to stabilize her and allow for a return to form. She’s a good actress and a loveable personality. She belongs on screen, a place that suits her a lot better than the psych ward.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to the entire Bynes family during this time of need.

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