Is Amanda Bynes Switching Rehab Facilities A Good Call?

After spending months in UCLA Medical Center on a psychiatric hold, Amanda Bynes has finally been released. A few weeks ago, the actress was officially transferred to the Canyon in Malibu, California. The high end rehabilitation facility has played host to numerous stars in the past, and by all accounts, it is luxurious and beautiful. At fifty-five thousand dollars a month, it’s also incredibly expensive, but if her parents are to be believed, it’s the exact place where she needs to be.

Since the actress is under a conservatorship, her mom needs to sign off on all her movements, and not only did she sign off on this one, she apparently agrees with it. Speaking through an attorney, Lynn Bynes released a statement saying Amanda needs to be around people who aren’t in worse conditions than her. Apparently, some of the people in the psych ward scared her to the point where she was uncomfortable leaving her room, but at the Canyon, there’s every reason to hope things will be different.

On the one hand, it’s easy to see where Lynn is coming from. This new facility reportedly has very specialized and sophisticated care, and it’s understandable that she wouldn’t want to see her daughter in a psych ward. On the other hand, however, what happens in the short-term is insignificant compared to what happens in the long-term. So, if UCLA Medical Center sucks but is doing a better job of treating her, it might well be better to suck it up for a few more months.

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