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The next generation of iPhones are rumored to be bigger than you’re used to. If the rumors are indeed true, your iPhone 6 will come in one of two sizes: 4.7 inches or 5.5 inches measured diagonally. Yes you read that right, the rumor is Apple is bringing not one but two different models of the iPhone to market supposedly this September. The latter model size would be a huge difference between the iPhone 5, which currently measures 4.8 inches in length. That would make the new Phone look something similar to rival Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, which is still bigger at 5.7 in length.

Size isn’t the only cue Apple is taking from the competition, however. CNN reports that the new iPhone will be more flat and boost rounder edges, perhaps to emulate the look and feel of Samsung's popular Galaxy S5. It may also be cheaper too, or at least the smaller of the two models might be cheaper that what customers are paying now. This type of move, while normal for competitors, is unusual for Apple. The company, at least at first, takes a singular model to launch and then later adds additional variations. This would also be the first time that Apple has ever released a new iPhone a year after releasing the prior model.

The rumor originally came from a Bloomberg report which sourced Chinese suppliers as the source of their information. While Apple has said nothing so far, the shipping date coincides with their typical announcement and release schedule of new technology. Speculation has lead to the belief that Apple will likely announce this new phone soon, as well as update fans on the progress towards the Apple smart watch that has been teased for awhile now. If this report turns out to be true, it would appear that the “bigger is better” trend is going to continue with this new generation of smart phones.

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