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Comic books are a ripe medium for crossing over characters, and it’s not just with superhero groups like the Justice League or Avengers. Over the decades, comic book characters have met a variety of figures from other genres, both real and fictional. Who would have thought that one day, Superman would be seen boxing Muhammad Ali? Today’s announcement, however, leaves all those others in the dust. Forget Superman and The Terminator, Batman and Aliens, Spider-Man and Barack Obama, Django Unchained and Zorro or any of the other weird comic book crossovers you’ve read over the years. This one takes the cake!

First announced by USA Today, in spring 2015, Dark Horse Comics and Archie Comics are teaming up to bring you the crossover that you never asked for, let alone thought of: Archie Meets Predator, written by Grindhouse scribe Alex de Campi. While on spring break in Costa Rica, the Archie gang will run into trouble after Betty runs into the forest following a dispute with Veronica, and discovers she isn’t alone. While the gang will make it safely back to Riverdale, one of Betty’s clothing trunks (which she brought to compete in a “best dressed” contest against Veronica) is big enough to house one of these extraterrestrials, and needless to say shenanigans will ensue.

Yes, who would ever have thought that the innocence of Archie would be combined with the horror of the Predator... and maybe that’s why this sounds appealing! The sheer ridiculousness of this story sets it up as a fun read. As Alex de Campi notes in the interview, she’s making this story “completely insane,” and enjoys taking this teen group to “hunt them down and slaughter them one by one.” Naturally this comic won’t be the gore-fest that the original Predator, although a cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger would be amazing! This isn’t the first time that Archie has delved into horror territory. Afterlife with Archie is currently in publication and follows a zombie Jughead. Archie Andrews himself was also killed earlier this year in Life with Archie after saving Kevin Keller. Considering the wacky nature of this crossover, if Archie or the others meet their demise at the hands of Predator, it will be more comedic than serious. Imagine if Archie Comics published a legitimate and sincere slasher fest. There would be riots on the streets!

Archie and the gang have been a part of pop culture since their first appearance in Pep Comics #22 in 1941, and de Campi is looking to their history for this crossover, saying that the characters will be modeled after their “mid-40s” versions. She has also read over 2,000 pages of Archie stories, and combined with her mastery of the horror genre, she’s bound to deliver an instant classic...even if it is the kookiest comic book to ever be created by humanity.

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