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Modern Family actress Ariel Winter was back in court this week to deal with her ongoing family nonsense, and while there, she received support from an unlikely place. Glenn Workman, better known as Ariel’s father, showed up to give a big thumbs up to his daughter’s current living situation and a big thumbs down to giving his estranged wife/ Ariel’s mom custody again.

According to TMZ, that marks a dramatic shift from his former position. When the family drama first exploded into a full-on war, he made it clear he didn’t want Ariel to stay with her older sister Shanelle, but now, that arrangement is apparently A-OK with him. Exactly why the change of heart happened is unclear, but something tells me Ariel and her attorneys are pleased with the happy news regardless.

The problems between the Winter/ Workman family started many years ago. As a teenager, Shanelle had numerous problems with her mother and petitioned to be removed from the home. Later, she grew up, married an heir and largely moved on. When her little sister Ariel started acting on Modern Family and encountering the same problems, however, she swooped back in and let the teenager move in with her. The court conducted a thorough investigation in the matter and despite repeated public denials from mom, it ruled Ariel was abused mentally.

By all accounts, Winter has steadily improved under Shanelle’s care. She’s started attending high school and is working to her heart’s content on Modern Family. Whether her relationship with her mother can be salvaged eventually or not, it seems like it’s in everyone’s best interests to let the girl continue all of her forward momentum for the foreseeable future. After all, if a teenager is happy and making wise decisions, there’s no reason to rock the boat.

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