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Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Continues Show's Fail Streak With Own Divorce Announcement

It seems The Bachelor’s curse of relationship failure now extends beyond just its contestants. Chris Harrison has announced he’s splitting from his wife. The longtime host met his soon-to-be ex Gwen while they were both students at Oklahoma City University, and they said their I-Dos in a ceremony eighteen years ago. The relationship produced two children, Joshua and Taylor, but apparently, their births didn’t strengthen their bond enough to survive over the long haul.

As if fitting with most celebrity relationships that don’t end up on incredibly awful terms, the duo released a joint statement today, this one to US Weekly, announcing the break-up, praising each other and committing to raising the kids as a team. Were he any more famous, it would be likely we’d hear lurid details of what specifically went wrong in the coming weeks, but since he’s only moderately well-known, it’s likely the tabloids will let these two keep some sense of privacy.

Two years ago, Harrison was accused by a contestant on The Bachelor of trying to hook up with a producer’s wife while the cameras were off, but the allegation was quickly denied. Nothing ever came off the charge, but now that the relationship has ended, it seems like the sort of thing worthy of bringing up.

Pop Blend sends out its condolences to Chris and Gwen, but more importantly, to their children who will no doubt need extra love and affection in the months to come.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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