Ex-Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Has A Lot Of ‘Strong Opinions’ About GMA’s Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Amid Suspension And Investigation

As the investigation into Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ alleged affair continues, ex-Bachelor host Chris Harrison is getting in on the conversation. The former Bachelorette host explained he has “strong opinions” about the anchors being pulled from GMA and investigated. And considering he was fired from The Bachelor after making racist comments, he explained why he could relate to the Good Morning America anchors' situation, and how ABC is treating them. 

During an episode of Harrison’s podcast The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever, he talked about a lot of the news to come out about Holmes, Robach and GMA over the last few months. He started by explaining why this was “personal” to him, saying: 

I have a lot of strong opinions about this. This is personal. A report came out that Amy and T.J. had been let go and that they have lawyered up. And to that I say, ‘Good for you guys. Good for you.'

Harrison then went into detail about why he was “sympathetic and empathetic” toward the GMA anchors, saying:

Man, do I have strong feelings about this. First of all, very sympathetic and empathetic and understanding really what they’re going through, and I’m not talking about morally. Say what you will about how this has all happened and their affairs and how they’ve handled this. I will say this, none of us know. You don’t know what’s happening in anyone’s house. And this is not to excuse anything, but we have no idea.

He explained that you don’t know what is going on in other people’s lives. The former Bachelor host also said that “irony is not lost on” him, because these two are going through a similar situation to the one he went through a few years ago. While speaking in support of the GMA anchors he said: “good on you,” after explaining that he had read about Robach and Holmes reportedly being ready to take ABC to court

Harrison then went on to explain his thoughts on the possibility of Robach and Holmes being fired, saying: 

I’ve been in this business for a long time. You sign these contracts, there are morality clauses in there. Is it morally reprehensible to fall in love? Because that’s what they’ve done. That is the crime that they are being punished for, is falling in love. And is it morally reprehensible? Is it against the law to fall in love with someone at work that is equal to you? They’re on level footing, they were co-hosts. Is it illegal or wrong to fall in love with someone equal to you and to follow those feelings?

Harrison took issue with it being reported that many in the GMA newsroom allegedly knew about the relationship, but once the news broke it was reported that many at the morning show were not on the anchors’ sides. The ex-Bachelor host is clearly on Robach and Holmes’ side in this matter, and even went on to say they could hire his lawyer. 

I have an amazing lawyer if you guys need, and he kind of knows the opponent, so let me know if you need anything. Amy and T.J. I’m here for you.

The former Bachelor in Paradise host said he “wasn’t defending” anything, but did say what they are going through is similar to what he went through. He explained that he was also suddenly pulled from the show, and had many co-workers turn on him. Harrison has spoken over the years about leaving the Bachelor, saying he was “heartbroken,” “gutted,” and “embarrassed.”  Harrison has so many feelings about what is going on at GMA3 that he even offered to do a tell-all interview with Holmes and Robach to talk about everything that happened. 

It’s still unclear what will happen next to Robach and Holmes, as of right now, the investigation is ongoing. So, while the 2023 TV schedule continues so will ABC’s investigation. However, one thing is clear, Chris Harrison is on Amy Robach's and T.J. Holmes' side. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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