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Following Chris Harrison's Firing, A Bachelor Nation Star Shared A Positive Story About The Host

Ivan Hall Bachelor in Paradise press photo
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In the aftermath of Matt James’ season of The Bachelor — when Rachael Kirkconnell was under fire for attending an Antebellum-themed fraternity party and Chris Harrison was facing backlash for defending her — a rift formed in Bachelor Nation. Some of the dating shows’ alumni stood by longtime host Harrison, while other former contestants felt it necessary to distance themselves from the franchise. Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 cast member Ivan Hall was initially among the latter, claiming he wouldn't take part after the controversy took place. The opposite obviously happened, and Hall recently revealed that it was actually a conversation with Harrison that helped to change his mind.

Ivan Hall was a guest on the podcast The Viall Files, and talked about all things Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, including his forbidden rendezvous with Alexa Caves and love triangle with Aaron Clancy and Chelsea Vaughn. But after the controversy from Chris Harrison’s disastrous interview with Rachel Lindsey, Hall wasn’t sure he should even go to Paradise. What changed his mind? A “great conversation” with Harrison, for starters, the aeronautical engineer said. 

I wanted to give the show another chance. I know it worked out well for myself, and having talks with -- Chris Harrison called me on the phone, had a great conversation with him, talking with producers and how they wanted to make this season of Paradise different than any other season ever. That got me excited again.

Ivan Hall had previously stated that he wouldn’t be comfortable going on Bachelor in Paradise if Chris Harrison was still the host, saying it was “too soon.” Hall said at the time that he agreed Harrison’s taking a step back was the right thing to do. The conversation between Hall and Harrison was news to podcast host Nick Viall, as well as listeners, and he asked Hall about the actual content of the phone call. It appears Harrison gave Hall the floor to express the concerns he had.

He reached out to me and we had a good conversation. It was just two grown adults talking about things, and it was a good conversation, and I wish him all the best. I was like, dude, no ill will towards you, it’s just as the person who’s the authoritative figure of the show, it definitely would honestly make me feel uncomfortable at that time based on how things were going. … I definitely fully respected him reaching out. We had like a 30-minute conversation. He was just trying to pick my mind on things, and he just kind of was just letting me tell him whatever I wanted to and speak openly and then trying to game plan for the future to a certain degree and whatnot.

Chris Harrison was ultimately fired following the insensitive comments he’d made to Rachel Lindsey, but his actions in the immediate aftermath were clearly enough to make Ivan Hall feel secure enough to continue in the franchise. Considering reports at the time mostly noted Harrison's communication efforts as being the kind someone makes when they're desperate to keep a job, it's good to hear that wasn't the case entirely.

Ivan Hall said his overall experiences on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise have been great, even if he didn’t walk away with love. And he said he thinks the franchise is moving in the right direction, as far as diversity.

I think they’ve made great strides in the diversity category. They’ve done things they said they were gonna do.

Hopefully the Bachelor franchise continues to do so. And now since the wildly successful season of Bachelor in Paradise has wrapped, it’s time to move on to The Bachelorette. Michelle Young’s season is set to premiere Tuesday, October 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Be sure to check out our 2021 Fall TV Schedule for more upcoming premieres.

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