Shia LaBeouf had some beef with the producers as well as lead star Alec Baldwin while working on the Broadway play Orphans, leading to the actor leaving the production only yesterday. However, no one seems to be sweating the dismissal too much. That’s because Orphans has already replaced the actor, favoring another child actor turned adult star for the role.

3:10 To Yuma’s Ben Foster has signed on for the Broadway play. The 32-year-old actor actually rose to fame as a child in the show Flash Forward and more recently has played a brooding artist in Six Feet Under and a killer in the aforementioned Yuma, making him presumably a good fit for the Orphans character, Treat, who is described as “unstable” and “malevolent” by the NY Times. According to that outlet, Foster had previously auditioned for the role, but lost out to LaBeouf.

Orphans initially starred Tom Sturridge, Alec Baldwin and LaBeouf in a play. Now the latter has dropped out, things are likely going to be a little tense when Foster joins the show, as problems have occurred on set between the producers, LaBeouf and Baldwin since the play’s February 11 rehearsals. While the situation was a tough one, everyone seems to want to move forward with the play and assumedly leave the past behind them.

On LaBeouf’s end of the spectrum, the actor has been publishing e-mail snippets between himself and some of the other people involved with Orphans. If you want to get into the dirty details, you can check those out on his Twitter account.

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