Billie Joe Armstrong was delayed in his return to Los Angeles on Thursday because he couldn’t get his pants to stay up. The Green Day lead singer was aboard a Southwest Airlines flight when he got up to stow his bag in the overhead compartment prior to takeoff. A passing flight attendant was none too pleased with his visible underwear; so, she asked the musician to pull up his pants. He bluntly responded by asking her if she had anything better to do. Offended, she repeated her request, at which point Armstrong loudly said, “I’m just trying to get to my fucking seat.” Apparently, Southwest doesn’t take too kindly to sass-mouths because he was promptly booted from the plane.

Billie Joe took to Twitter to bitch about the incident, and the matter was quickly resolved. Southwest profusely apologized for the breach in friendliness, promised it would get to the bottom of what happened and the frontman boarded the next flight home. Talk about bad public relations all the way around.

No matter what the job, successful employees pick and choose their battles. You can’t fight everyone over everything. Sagging pants may be stupid, especially on a rock star who’s almost forty, but really, how do you not have something better to do than call him out? Knowing a flight attendant could have no more important activities than complain about someone’s pants kind of makes me lose respect for the profession as a whole.

According to ABC, this isn’t the first time a passenger has been kicked off a flight for sagging too low. Back in June, a college football player from New Mexico was booted after a similar incident. He’s now suing. I hope he loses the lawsuit, but I also hope Southwest uses this to reevaluate its customer service policies. If someone’s drunk and causing a scene, he or she should be kicked off the plane. If some idiot is making sexual or offensive comments to the flight attendants, he should have to make other travel arrangements, but if someone is only guilty of a juvenile fashion choice, he should be teased behind his back and left alone to go about his business.

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