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It's always a risk to mess with the classics. But when you have access to comedians like Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld, risks need to be taken, and it worked out for Late Night's "sequel" to "Who's On First?," a comedy bit made famous by Abbott and Costello. Watch the video of the segment that aired on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week.

With names like "Who" and "What" and "I don't know," it isn't difficult to understand how things could get mixed up when two guys attempt to talk about who's playing what position on the baseball field. FYI, Who's on First. Timing is key in comedy, and the greatness of the original bit is as much in the quick responses of the speakers as it is the humor in trying to keep track of Who, What and I Don't Know.

Jimmy Fallon gets the ball rolling in the "Who's On First?": The Sequel segment below, and then Who shows up, along with What and I Don't Know, which makes things humorously confusing.

I didn't clock it, but Seinfeld's applause may have actually gone on longer than his speaking role did. Regardless, it was a great appearance, added to an act that was already working pretty well, especially when you factor in the fast-spoken source material. Nothing like dipping into the classics for a few laughs.

Here's the original:

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