A settlement between Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy and sister-in-law Pat has reportedly been struck as to how the eighteen-year-old will receive the inheritance from her mother. The original schedule called for Nippy’s daughter to net approximately two million dollars on her twenty-first birthday, four million on her twenty-fifth birthday and the rest of the twenty million dollar estate at age thirty, but thanks to her much publicized personal problems, will executors Cissy and Pat Houston filed a motion trying to get a judge to alter the schedule.

According to TMZ, the specifics of the settlement haven’t been made public, but sources close to the situation are saying not much has changed. Whether Cissy and Pat didn’t think they could win a court battle or whether Bobbi Kristina promised to be sensible is unclear, but either way, the court proceedings won’t be moving forward, which is a bit odd considering the other rumors floating around.

Last week, the new Houston Family reality show debuted, and what was expected to be a family ensemble largely turned into an examination of Bobbi Kristina’s personal problems. The eighteen-year-old was shown drinking against her family’s wishes and announcing an engagement to a boy she was raised in the same house with. Sources close to the show have said the drinking has gotten worse since production wrapped.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to the entire Houston clan as they try to get over Whitney’s loss. Here’s to hoping Bobbi Kristina makes wise choices whenever she gets the money.

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