Boy Meets World actor Rider Strong has gotten engaged to longtime girlfriend, Alexandra Barreto, who also works as an actor, and met Strong when the two appeared in the short-lived series Pepper Dennis together. Though the story of their engagement is not the most romantic of all time, the thought Strong put into his proposal is clearly evident.

Barreto said yes to Strong’s proposal on December 23. The two were spending time with Strong’s family in Northern California, and Strong wanted to ask her while walking under some genuine California Redwoods. While this sounds like a unique proposal, the whole thing went awry when it began to rain heavily and Rider had to decide to either hold off or go for it. He decided to propose and, luckily, she said yes.

Strong relayed the story to Zap2it, also noting that he made the wedding ring himself. It’s a gorgeous looping ring with three diamonds tucked between two bars and while it’s not the fanciest wedding ring of all time, it’s a wonder that Strong went to the trouble to convince a jeweler to teach the actor a skill set. Strong had a little help, however.
"My brother and I write together at his loft in downtown LA, so I was able to set up a workspace there. I carved the ring out of wax, and then cast it in white gold. I had my dad make a wooden ring box for me. My dad made my mom's ring, so I was following in his footsteps."

Pop Blend would like to wish the happy couple well as they move forward in their relationship, as well as tackle some of those complicated wedding plans.

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