Hangover star Bradley Cooper has always been considered a bit of a ladies’ man. Apart from a less than year long marriage to Jennifer Esposito, he’s bounced in and out of relationships and rumored hook-ups with many of the most desirable women in Hollywood. Thus, it was a bit of a surprise a few months back when he began dating rising starlet Zoe Saldana. The actress had just gotten out of a ten year relationship with Keith Britton, and Cooper didn’t exactly seem like someone she’d go for.

Still, the relationship reportedly blossomed for a few months with stories of romantic dinners and even a lovely afternoon spent between Soldana and Cooper’s mom. Meeting parents is always a good way to take a relationship to serious town, but apparently, this one never fully took because the couple have reportedly called it quits. According to E! News, he did the dumping because he just didn’t feel like being in a relationship anymore. I’d imagine that was probably a hard pill for her to swallow, but better to be through with a guy who dumps out of boredom before too many feelings are invested.

To be honest, I never thought these two would ever make the alter, but I am a bit surprised they didn’t even make it a full year. Both are talented, attractive and seemingly get along great. I would have imagined that would have carried them through a year or so, but I guess I was wrong.

What about you? Did you think this relationship would last? Are you surprised they only made it three months? Let us know by voting in the poll below…

How Long Did You Think They'd Last?

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