Kings Of Leon lead singer Caleb Followill left fans hot and bothered last night after getting up and leaving the stage mid-performance. The concert, which took place in Dallas amidst sweltering heat, was originally scheduled to be a full set, but around the halfway point, the frontman took to the mic and addressed the crowd.
"My voice is completely 100-percent wrong, I'm sorry. I'm about to fall down here because I'm so goddamn hot…I'm gonna go backstage for a second. I'm gonna vomit, I'm gonna drink a beer and I'm gonna come back out here and I'm gonna play three more songs.”

Fans likely would have forgiven the band under the circumstances for the abbreviated output, but the problem is Caleb never came back out, leaving his bandmates and the audience wondering what the hell happened. After the confusion turned into irritation, guitarist Jared Followill profusely apologized to the crowd, imploring them to “Fucking hate Caleb, not us.”

What's the right move in a situation like that? Without a singer, you obviously cannot continue to play, but I can't imagine it's good policy to just throw your bandmate under the bus like that. Still, Caleb did promise the crowd he'd come back and never followed through. That's poor form, suffering from heat stroke or not. We're so used to the show going on mentality that when it doesn't happen that way, it's surprising and a bit jarring.

According to E Online, Kings Of Leon's manager has confirmed the show will be rescheduled. Jared also took to Twitter to reiterate how sorry he was about the whole ordeal, calling the inconvenience “bullshit”.

You may remember the band was beset by internal problems a few years back thanks to Caleb's alcoholism. I'm not inferring that played any role in how hot the city of Dallas gets, but tensions within the group have existed before. There's no way of knowing whether the members of Kings Of Leon are on good terms as we speak, but something tells me this whole thing won't exactly increase the brotherly love.

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