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Randy Quaid may have been an in-demand actor once upon a time, but these days, the country of Canada apparently doesn’t even want to do business with him. After a strange few years in which Randy and his wife Evi were charged with burglary, fled the country, applied for refugee status and applied for permanent residency, Immigration Canada officially denied the couple’s request for the latest this week, and since they previously withdrew their refugee application, they’re very quickly running out of options to stay north of the border.

The whole fiasco started back in 2009 when they were caught illegally living in a house they once owned. They were charged with vandalism and trespassing in the United States, but not long after, they fled to Canada, peddling an elaborate story about how the same people who killed Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger were trying to kill them. According to CBC, they initially applied for refugee status, but later, they withdrew the petition and focused their efforts on permanent residency. Unfortunately for them, now that residency has been denied, the government has barred them from refilling the refugee claim.

The Quaids have already announced they’ll appeal this week’s ruling. It’ll be an uphill battle to win the case, but even if they don’t, it will still delay any return to the United States where they would be re-arrested for their alleged crimes. We’ll keep you updated on this immigration fiasco as it winds its way through the court system.

: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com