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This Captain America: The Winter Soldier Inspired Workout Montage Will Pump You Up

Most of us waiting for Captain America: The Winter Soldier are doing so by watching trailers, or video of Chris Evans discovering he’ll be facing off against both Batman and Superman. Perhaps the following video will inspire you to get up and get fit. Hey, we can’t all have super hero physiques like Chris Evans. But the video below has just enough montage inspiration to make you want to workout and grab your adamantium shield.

As a fitness fanatic, I’m currently full blown in the Muscle & Fitness Rock Hard Challenge, I tend to try and find like minded entertainment on the internet. Unfortunately most fitness channels on YouTube are chock full o’ cheesy and overbearing videos, or Crossfit insanity. So when I came across a random video made by the B.U.F.F. Dudes I was pleasantly surprised to find funny, engaging, and well produced content.

Made by two brothers who are fitness fanatics themselves, the YouTube channel is full of often hilarious videos that are worth watching for the gym rat or the viral vid lover. This video is one of my personal favorites, as they’ve taken the idea of the Winter Soldier and used it to make a winter workout montage. With nice production and editing that’s top notch, the “Captain America Motivation - Winter Workout” video outdoes itself by being a recreation of the greatest training sequence in movie history. Ivan Drago vs. Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV.

Of course the B.U.F.F. Dudes aren’t working out on high tech equipment, but the transition from a Captain America (by the way, nice costume work there) to a guy in a garage gym working out is brilliantly done. Perhaps the best way to prepare for what is shaping up to one of Marvel’s best films is to enjoy a workout that is Buff Dude approved.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.