Chad Johnson has been very upfront about wanting to work it out with his estranged wife following their ugly domestic violence incident. Evelyn Lozada, however, has been just as clear that she’s ready to move on. So, in a desperate last attempt to win back the woman he loves, Johnson got a giant picture of her face tattooed on his leg over the weekend.

The former NFL player hasn’t acknowledged the artwork publically yet, but it is visible in the picture he’s using on his Twitter account. Check out the middle of his right leg in the shot below…

There are really only two important issues related to this. The first, of course, is whether or not the artwork is real. The majority of men would be uncomfortable tattooing the face of their current wife on their bodies. Doing so as an attempt to win back an estranged wife is ballsy. Making the ink temporary is the smarter play, but it also shows a bit less confidence. The second issue, of course, is whether or not this scheme will work. According to TMZ, Lozada has told her close friends she’s still planning to move forward with the divorce proceedings, but obviously, nothing is ever set in stone until the paperwork is actually signed.

We’ll let you know if Johnson clarifies whether the tattoo is real or fake. Until then, Pop Blend advises figuring out other ways to show former spouses you still care.

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