Cheyenne Jackson looks like he should be on billboards convincing people they should move to Utah. With the type of wholesome, clean cut features that make both women and gay dudes cross their fingers and hope he's playing for their preferred team, the 30 Rock and Glee actor is nothing if not a catch, which is why his marriage has likely prompted millions to wonder, “Who the hell could possibly be good enough for this dude?” Well, we finally have our answer.

Cheyenne Jackson was married yesterday in a quiet ceremony on the beach to Monte Lapka. He's approximately seventy percent as attractive as Jackson but more importantly, a physicist. I love marriages that make sense on paper. Now and again, some weirdos that seem totally wrong for each other get together and make it work, but in general, a long period of tranquil dating between two like-minded, driven people is the best way to make a lifelong union work. Let the record show, this couple definitely works.

The two have been together for eleven years and were merely waiting for the New York marriage laws to change before gleefully exchanging their I do's. Jackson took to his Twitter to inform the public, even including a picture with husband Monte Lapka. Take a look at it below…

The only facts I know about the less famous partner in this pair are that he 1) is a physicist, 2) rocks a beard and 3) has made a relationship last eleven years. That's good enough to give the thumbs up in my book. Pop Blend would like to send out its congratulations to the happy couple. May they continue simultaneously crushing Hollywood and wrestling with Ohms for years to come.

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