Dark Knight Rises Victim Looking Into Suing Warner Bros

Well, this was inevitable. Deep down, we all knew someone present during the tragic Dark Knight Rises showing would hire a lawyer to look into making money off the traumatic situation. Let the record show the first to the table is Torrence Brown.

Brown has officially hired attorney Donald Karpel and is reportedly considering a lawsuit against the theater, the doctors who prescribed James Holmes medication and Warner Bros for creating The Dark Knight Rises. Since no paperwork has been officially filed, it’s unclear how much money Brown thinks he’s entitled to, but expect his asking price to be astronomical.

According to TMZ, Brown thinks the theater is partially responsible for what happened because there was no alarm on the emergency door Holmes propped open and came back in through. He thinks the doctors are responsible because they didn’t keep any tabs on Holmes, and most absurdly of all, he thinks The Dark Knight Rises is responsible because many of the victims thought the shooting was part of the movie. Here’s what his attorney had to say…

"Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today."

Let me go ahead and correct Mr. Karpel. Somebody has to be responsible for murdering twelve people and wounding dozens more. That man is allegedly James Holmes, and he’s sitting in a jail cell as we speak.

This entire situation sucks. No one deserved to be in a theater and get shot at, and no one deserved to lose their life watching a movie, but none of these parties are responsible. You would certainly hope a judge realizes that.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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