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South Korean music sensation Psy may have brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces with his loveable and goofy hit “Gangnam Style” over the past few months, but earlier this week, that positive trend of press evaporated thanks to two recently discovered anti-American performances in his past. The singer has already issued an apology and tried to explain away what happened, but some are convinced Americans should stop supporting him.

Raised amidst a generation of South Koreans who were largely disenchanted with the large American influence and disappointed by the War in Iraq, Psy performed a cover of the anti-United States anthem “Dear American” originally recorded by N.E.X.T. He also once appeared at a rally in which he smashed a miniature American tank as a protest against a US military vehicle that had recently run over and killed two local girls.

In his lengthy apology, Psy expressed regret for all those his words had hurt and expressed appreciation for all the military servicemen and women who had allowed him to perform in the past few months. Clearly, his opinions on the United States, like others from South Korea, has shifted in the past half decade or so. The question is whether he should be punished for what he used to believe.

The White House has already announced Psy will perform as expected later this month. Clearly, Obama and company couldn’t really care less, but how do you feel? Do you care about these two anti-American performances? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Do You Care About Psy's Past?

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