Donald Trump, Jr. may be skilled at taking down giant mammals and reptiles on safari, but on the homefront, he is really quite the softie. Trump Jr. and his über blonde wife, Vanessa, already have three little cuties in their brood. The youngest of the three is only six months old, but that is not stopping Trump Jr. and his wife from popping out baby number four. Honestly, I’m all for this, as long as multiple children don’t interfere with Trump Jr’s duties on Celebrity Apprentice.

Earlier today, Donald's son took to Twitter to toss the news out into the universe.
“Well, Vanessa & I have some good news we are expecting baby num 4 in the fall!!! Kai, Donnie, & Tristan can't wait!”

Since the news broke, the family man has been all over the social networking site, responding to well wishes and congratulations. Since the baby is not due until fall, it will probably be a while before we learn about the baby’s sex, and even longer before we learn the baby’s name. That being said, I am certain it will be fabulous. Despite the couple’s second child earning the inevitable Donald III title, the couple has given the rest of the brood names that are a little more outside the box. To find out what name will hang out alongside Kai, Tristan, and Donald III, stay tuned to Pop Blend.

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