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Dwyane Wade just had his third child. Details about the kid, a boy, are pretty fuzzy at this point, but what’s far more interesting to fans is who the mother isn’t: the NBA star’s longtime girlfriend Gabrielle Union. Apparently, the two were on a “break” earlier this year, and he used the loosened rules to have intercourse with another woman.

According to E! Online, the actress wasn’t exactly singing with joy when she was first told about the pregnancy situation, but obviously, she came around enough to accept the shooting guard’s recent marriage proposal and the additional ring that came with it. In fact, maybe this “break” was exactly what both parties needed to realize being together is exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

When I was in college, one of my good friends took a “break” from his serious girlfriend of many years. To him, this “break” apparently meant he should go out and pick up as many women as possible, typically under the influence of heavy quantities of alcohol. To her, this “break” apparently meant she should take up painting and go out on one date with one other guy. They eventually reconciled, but there were hard feelings, at least for awhile, about his over-the-top behavior, which is why it’s usually best if the rules of the “break” are decided upon ahead of time so the relationship isn’t later resumed with some surprises.

Wade has two children from a prior marriage. At least one of the kids is a pretty spectacular basketball player. For this newborn’s sake, I hope he winds up being as talented at whatever it is he ends up doing as his dad is at drawing whistles every single time he goes into the lane. And for the sake of Union, the mystery mother, Wade and the newborn child, I hope the custody situation doesn’t wind up being as contentious and mean-spirited as the one the athlete was involved in with his first wife Siovaughn.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to everyone about the birth of this child.

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