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Lisa Robin Kelly, best known for playing Eric’s dumb, slutty sister Laurie Forman on That 70s Show, was arrested last night for assaulting her older husband in North Carolina. Details on what exactly happened are still a little bit fuzzy, but apparently, the incident occurred at the home the couple share. Authorities were called to the scene, and after interviewing all involved, they decided to arrest both Kelly and her sixty-one-year-old spouse.

According to TMZ, Kelly was also arrested after an ugly domestic violence incident back in March. She later went public with some wild claims about her boyfriend setting her up and doing harm to himself. Eventually, the charges were dropped. It’s unclear whether the man in that story is the same man arrested alongside his wife here, or if they broke up and she got married to someone different in the time since. Regardless, something needs to change in Kelly’s life sooner rather than later.

The actress left That 70s Show long before the program finished its run, supposedly because she had a drinking problem. She was arrested a few years back for driving under the influence, but in the time since, her supposed substance abuse problems haven’t been discussed publically. Neither drugs nor alcohol were involved in this incident, but clearly, impulsive, poor decision making was.

Here’s to hoping Kelly’s life quiets down for awhile.

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