Former Amazing Race contestant Vanessa Macias was busted in her hometown of San Antonio over the weekend on suspicion of driving under the influence. The actual arrest took place around 2 AM early Friday morning, but apparently, her crazy night started long before that.

According to TMZ, Macias began Thursday evening by attending a Jason Aldean concert. She reportedly told cops she consumed three vodka sodas during the gig and then headed to a local strip club to watch some ladies perform. Later, cops noticed her driving erratically and after she allegedly failed to signal, they made the decision to pull her over.

You can take a look at her dumbfounded mug shot below…

During her stint with ex-boyfriend Ralph Kelley on Amazing Race, Macias was known for her colorful personality and willingness to shoot from the hip. Based on those qualities, she landed a job co-hosting KCYY radio’s morning show in San Antonio back in August. It’s highly unlikely this arrest will have any effect on her job because she doesn’t have a long history of brushes with the law.

Here’s to hoping this entire incident was a one-off mistake that will never happen again. She’s too smart to be making decisions this awful.